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Author Topic: pm question answered  (Read 549 times)
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« on: April 02, 2009, 04:03:25 AM »

Dear God,

I would just first and foremost like to give you thanks for your help. With your guidance along with help from fellow getbigger tbombz I have been able to make very nice muscle gains. Anyway If you could address these questions I would be very grateful.

-Is there anything that can be done about the "red face/down syndrome" from androgens? I get this in particular from Dianabol (I respond very very well to this also). Some pros like Jason seem to have this but others are fine. Is the tanning used to disguise this?

- Do high doses of hgh cause atrophy of limbs? Just because I experimented with high doses for a while and felt as if my legs atrophied slightly. No loss in weight. Is that what happens to kovacs and co?

-Patrick Arnold mentioned there are toxic levels of AAS. As in once an individual goes above a certain amount it will have a reverse effect. It was then proposed around 3500mgs a week was the threshold. What are your thoughts? What has been your experience?


1. anti estrogen or aromatse inhibitor if dont like those and want the gains to be at max then hgh should get rid of the red face after few weeks of using it ,,if using very high doses then blood pressure meds or aspirin at low doses should do the trick,,

being bloated is part of growing,,the ones who use gh tend to have less problem with blood pressure due to the superiority of growth hormone at bringing the body to homeostatis

2. no ,,high doses of gh grow you and that menas everything ,,low doses too if its high purity gh,.,EVERY THING GROW,,HEAD,,BONES,,ORGANS INSIDE,,COCK,,EVERYTHING GROWS

now dont come jump to me tellin gh15 promise me growth of cock ,,the growth is not in length but in thickness ,,MANY PORN GUYS USE GH FOR THAT PARTICULAR REASON,what happened to greg k is that he abused drugs and had health problems mentally and physically

3. it depends on the level of bodybuilder,,,most guys dont need more than 3 grams,.,but i have done much mcuh more and so did many other pros and amatuers
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