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Competitor Mimi Kong is a little angry, and she wrote on her blog about Omar, his "Team Ventura" and the designed plans that she got.  

“Why did you leave Team Ventura?”

After all the chaos that went down yesterday, I received a flood of emails from “Team Ventura” clients who felt lost. Unfortunately, they paid $500-$1200 for plans that were all very similar, if not replicated. When I received my plans, I also noticed little things here & there like the words “he” & “him” & names of people I didn’t know like “Brian” but I didn’t think much of it. I used to joke around with Mike that I had a Men’s Physique plan. About a month ago, after joking around with a friend who is also a TV MP Competitor, we got to comparing plans and they sounded identical! Now, I know all these plans were copy & pasted, changed the ounces of protein without any calculations on calories/macros & passed along to hundreds of athletes because he knew the “Team Ventura” hype was fresh. #cookiecutter #everyonehasthesameplan.

Now, I hear Omar is going around telling people I sold his plan to people & he caught on. Don’t flatter yourself. We LEFT the team. I wouldn’t sell your plan unless I wanted the sabotage the girl standing next to me on stage. 2 cardio sessions on 600 calories?! Are you crazy?! You want to know why I left? I didn’t trust my health & body in my coach’s hands anymore. Either he changed or he was just good at hiding who he was. H preaches about Integrity, Loyalty, being Humble & having good Intentions. Lets just say he’s done shady & grimey things to contradict EVERY single one of those values he preaches about.

1. Integrity: You robbed hundreds of people for thousands of dollars by promising them “custom” plans, yet all your plans are the same.

2. Loyalty: Why are you going through a divorce again? And someone blasted you yesterday about what happened between you and a client’s wife? While I was on Mike’s iPad at home, O had a group chat going on with the guys in the team and Mike’s iPad is hooked up to his phone’s iMessage and I saw the convo of I guess “guy talk” with Omar telling the guys something about no cheats during the diet unless it’s cheating on your wife. I guess that’s just guy talk, right?

3.Humble: You find any and every opportunity to flaunt and hashtag anything and everything. His clientele grew and so did his ego. Although, the OGs say they remember him from the Myspace days where he had the cockiest profile and dubbed his crew the Face & Body Squad. Whaaat?!

4. Good Intentions: He talks about good intentions yielding good outcomes, and talks about his intentions for coaching is just t help people reach their goals. But why does everyone have the same issue about getting replies from him? He can Instagram all day and post photos of his best friend 5 times a day, yet, he can’t respond to his client’s texts when they need HELP? Hmmmm. Do you guys ever wonder why he puts his text messages on blast? It’s a defense mechanism. It’s to scare his clients out of asking “stupid” questions so he doesn’t have to think of an answer/explanation for his ways. What is wrong with almond milk?! NOTHING. And he hates on Walden Farms, yet lets you have Splenda? Waldon Farms is sweetened BY Splenda!

His plans have no research or scientific facts to back them up. It’s just __ oz. Protein + __ oz . Carbs + Some vegetables. Where are the fats? Fats are essential for a balanced meal and diet. What about fiber? Why aren’t calories or macronutients/micronutrients being taken into account? Answer? Because it requires more work. He will take on more clients than he can handle because all he sees are dollar signs. His winners? 9 out of 10 times, they came to him with an already above average physique. He tweaks your diet a bit, takes away a ton of carbs, depletes you, carb loads you, then takes the credit. His plans clearly state “I rarely ever change my plan.” That should have been a red flag already! He can’t predict how you will look in one, two or three months. Everyone’s bodies and metabolisms are different, therefore , why wouldn’t it change at least weekly? If your body is changing, shouldn’t your plan as well? #lazycoaching He has no post-comp plan for you either. After you are finished with your show, leaner than you’ve ever been, your body and metabolism are very slow and sensitive, the first thing most competitors do is binge. They gain roughly 15-20 lbs within the next few days and if you’re not jumping from show to show because you want to live a normal life again, it’s tough. His plan is not maintainable. It’s a quick fix, unrealistic plan. Anything that isn’t chicken breast or tilapia becomes a cheat meal, and that’s when you develop a bad relationship with food. I even thought FRUITS were the enemy! It becomes harder for you to drop that post-comp weight because your metabolism has not recovered yet from all that dieting and extreme cardio sessions, and you become sad about the way you look. You went from being in the best shape of your life to being 20 lbs heavier and he doesn’t help you with any of the post-comp blues. The next prep you do becomes much harder because you have suffered from metabolic damage, therefore, he’ll probably take away more carbs and add more cardio to remove that stubborn fat you gained from your last show. (Check out Raymond Querido’s Reverse Dieting) Desperate measures are only taken during desperate times. You wouldn’t have to go to these extremes if he kept up with your progress and nutrition/training from start to finish. That’s NOT a lifestyle!  Half of his clients don’t even want to compete, they just want to lose weight/get in shape, so it’s more of a lifestyle change.  Doing 45 minutes of cardio, twice a day is not necessary for a regular person just trying to get in shape.

Let’s talk about winning and favorites. In a lot of these emails/messages I’ve been getting, a good amount of them have noticed he plays favorites. Let’s get this straight. No one is trying to be a favorite (with the exception of a couple people up his ass) but these clients just want, oh I don’t know…COACHING. What upset me was that I was actually following the progress of a lot of his newer bikini athletes because it motivated me as well. He would hype them up before their show, showing how far they’ve come and all of a sudden, show day comes, and show day goes. I would always wonder “hmm, I wonder how the girls did?” He would post up the Top 5 placers, but nothing else. If you didn’t crack the Top 5, you weren’t even acknowledged! If you are truly in the business to help people reach their goals and build up their self-esteem, why not acknowledge their efforts? Imagine going through a CRAZY 12-week program, unfortunately not placing, and that’s it. Your coach doesn’t even post a “look at all the hard work she/he put in” post about you! Blow to the ego and a left hook at the self-esteem, huh? I see all these new members defending the team after joining 3 days ago. I guess I’d try to convince myself I made the right decision as well if I forked out $1000 too!

Here’s some emails I received yesterday. There’s plenty of other coaches who are knowledgeable, willing to answer questions, and cares about your health & well-being.

You can fool the naive people, you can fool the ones who are oblivious to nutrition or training, and you can fool the ones who just desperately want to feel part of a team. But the truth will EMERGE!


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Re: Competitor Mimi King outs Omar Ventura and his training plans
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Re: Competitor Mimi King outs Omar Ventura and his training plans
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Mimi Kong


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Re: Competitor Mimi King outs Omar Ventura and his training plans
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Who is Omar? Not from the Wire. Pic


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Re: Competitor Mimi King outs Omar Ventura and his training plans
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the moral of the sotry is - ALL so called gurus are JOKE!!!
theres no better way to learn your body then by your own trial and error!
stupid people think if they pay 1k for some stupid program they will be in shape for the rest of their life!
ask ARNOLD,LEE HANEY,YATES-what they think about gurus!


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Re: Competitor Mimi King outs Omar Ventura and his training plans
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Mimi Kong

every pic is shooped. Fuck this
all drugs - TPPIIP


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Re: Competitor Mimi King outs Omar Ventura and his training plans
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I was gonna be mad if there were no pics, LOL!