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Author Topic: p90x workout schedule The ductility of micro-damage mechanism based on crack pro  (Read 6210 times)
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« on: February 23, 2011, 08:52:11 PM »

The ductility of micro-damage mechanism based on crack propagation behavior analysis
According to the results of consolidation test results with the relative ratio of resistance curve shown in Figure 6. It can be seen from the figure, reflects the material according to the special unit of plastic damage model control parameter D. = 0.2111rn, fo = 0.0035, = 0.2, bending tests were conducted on the quantitative prediction, especially for descending loads the plastic deformation process simulation, which is calculated in good agreement with the experimental results. Chang Chang, ∞ Hui Pan distance from the mouth of the crack tip, Ⅲ m Figure 6,p90x workout schedule, the simulation results and experimental bending resistance curve of Fig. 6Simulatedresultsof3-pointbendandtestedR-curves4 Conclusion (1) According to the microscopic mechanism of ductile crack using special element model, using the finite element method by a uniaxial tensile test load displacement curve (a total of three), and compared with experimental results obtained reflect the microstructure damage control parameters, then according to the parameters of the same material standard bend specimens were predicted. (2) crack in the ductile plastic damage in mind the special unit of models can describe the process of ductile fracture of materials and different materials to achieve the same kind of inter-test predictions. References: ClaudioRuggieri, FemandoFSantos, MitsumOhata,wholesale PUMA, eto1. Cell70 Welding Technology Vol 27 [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] modelpredictionofductile crackinitiationindamaged pipelineslJj. ProceedingsoftheInternat ionalPipeDreaI Philippians r'sConference, 2OO2, 26 (3) :917-929. GaoX, FaleskngJ, ShihCF,. Ductiletearinginpart-throughcrack: experimentsandcel1. modelpredictions [J]. J. Mech. Phys, 1998,46 (6) :761-777. RiceRJ, TraceyDM. Ontheductileenlargemento fvoidsintriaxialstressfi elds [J]. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 1969,17 (3) :201-217. McMeckingRM. Finitedeformationanalysi sofcrack-tipopeninginelastic-plasticmaterialsandimplicationsforfilleture [J]. J. Mech. Pbys. Solids,puma speed cats, l977, 25 (5) :357-381. TvergaardV. Materialsfailurebyvoidgr owthtocoalescence [J]. Ad-vancesinAppliedMechanics, 1990,27 (1) :83-151. XiaL, ShihCF. Anumericalstudyusingcorr tputationcellswithmi-cro-structureallybasedlengthscales [J]. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 1995,43 (2) :233-258. [7] XiaL, ShihCF. Voidnucleationandgeometr yeffectsO13macro-stop-icfracturebehavior [J]. J. Mech. Pbys. Solids,ugg italia, 1996,44 (3> :603-639. [8] Jinghong Yang, TRANSACTIONS, Chang Yu-wind, and so on. Microscopic damage model based on the strength of welded joints of non-homogeneous resistance to ductile crack propagation resistance characteristics [J]. Mechanical strength, 2000 , 22 (3) :200-202. Author: Zhu Zhijun,stivali ugg, male, born in November 1978, Master. research and fracture strength of welded structures, published one. Email: zzjun2005@eyou.con
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Based on crack pro.  So true
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