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Author Topic: 31 DAYS of HORROR  (Read 7 times)
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an attempt to watch at least one horror a day through october (i didn't even realise that today is the 1st Embarrassed) is a good enough reason to actually start watching some of these fuckers that i buy / download but never bother watching Roll Eyes so lets crack on.

Day 1
FOUND (2012) - this is fairly grim stuff. a young boy, alienated and bullied at school, with even his one and only friend turning against him, discovers that his elder brother is a serial killer when he finds the victims severed heads in his brothers bowling ball bag in the closet (this is actually revealed right from the off). far from been horrified, he likes to sneak into his brothers room and look at these heads whilst his brother is at work. we don't get to see the actual killings, the film instead focuses on the younger brother rtrying to deal with his own troubles whilst hoping that his brother doesn't catch him snooping and off him too, lol. ironically, it's the older brother who turns out to be the only person in his life he can confide in with his problems. one problem which the brother promptly deals with Cheesy

there's not much in the way of gore. when it does come, it comes by way of a slasher film the kid and his only friend are watching on vhs, so it's very obvious that its special effects and over the top. but still, when it does come, its fucking brutal, shocking and awesome all rolled into one. plus it's the first and last time we get to see boobs.

the real terrifying stuff is saved for the end which is very intense and is well worth watching just for that alone. there's a blink and you miss it moment when there's actually a fully erect penis on full view. you'll understand how disturbing this is when seen in relation to the scene prior.

bearing in mind that this is a low budget indie. it his shot very well. the young kid actor is very good indeed, as is the chap playing his brother. the mum and dad are a bit iffy tbh, but overall most of the cast are decent.

GORE - infrequent but intense


OVERALL - 7/10

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