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Author Topic: Rush doesn't think Trump needs to give any specifics of HOW  (Read 46 times)
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« on: August 12, 2015, 01:10:04 PM »

Transcript of Rush hating on people who are mad trump won't give specifics on HOW he will bring jobs, beat china, solve immigration, and make america great.   So, when getbiggers parrot this in about 3 hours, and they say "we don't need specifics, we need leadership!", you'll be able to thank them for obeying Rush.

Reminds of the Simpsons... "We need a leader, not a reader!"  haha

RUSH: Now, back to these two babes here, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, CNN last night. Did you hear them? Did you hear them start telling Don Lemon why they like the Trumpster? Every reason they gave was specific to an issue. Of course the establishment's out saying, "Trump is gonna fall flat on his face eventually, Rush, 'cause he's not getting serious about anything. He doesn't specify anything. You ask him about his position on this and he obfuscates! He never gets specific."

Well, these babes think he is. I guarantee you that Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson think he's specific. They start saying, "He's gonna bring jobs back to America! He's gonna make America again. He is gonna close the border. He's gonna fix immigration! This country is going to thrive again." They hear specifics. Now, let's move to the next sound bite. This a montage from yesterday and last night. It's a cross-section of Drive-By Media people and conservative analysts with the new reason (there is a new reason every day or two) why Trump is eventually going to implode.

This reason he can't win and why he will implode is that he does not give "specifics."

RUSH: Now it's not 30 people here, but it's a bunch of 'em, and they all say, "No specifics! No specifics!" Last night Birch Run, Michigan, Trump held a press conference. Question: "We haven't heard a lot of specifics. We talked to people outside the venue today and they said, 'Where's the meat on the bone?' When are your gonna tell us your specifics?"

TRUMP: You're gonna see lots of plans. Also... And -- and you have to understand when you're coming up with a plan in business you have to be flexible. There's gotta be the flexibility. And I recently brought something -- not so recently, but -- Doral in Miami. Everybody wanted it. If I would have sat down and said, "Here's a 12-point plan," in order to get Doral... I didn't do that. I went in and punched and punched and beat the hell out of people, and I ended up getting it. Everybody wanted it. All of the smart money wanted it. I know how to get things done. You can't sit down and say, "Well, I'm gonna come up with a 19-point plan to get the old post office and create it into a great hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue." The most sought after property, I think, in the history of the General Services Administration. Trump got it!
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