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Author Topic: Arnold jr's Response to GH15  (Read 2075 times)
Arnold jr
Getbig V
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« on: May 06, 2012, 01:42:07 PM »

In response to the GH15 bounty on my head, honestly guys, I really don't care that much. Even so, several PM's and emails later and even a text or two from some of you who have my number I thought I'd give a response.

First off, the reason I don't care that much is, well, I just don't care. Where or who you guys buy your gear from is of no concern to me. That said, if something sounds fishy, sure, I'll call it like I see it. If something gets a good report yet others are claiming it's crap based on the opinion of "he said she said" once again, I'll simply call it like I see it.

As for the claim that I've been lying...well, to make such a claim it would be helpful to say exactly what it is I've lied about. Have I lied about Kigs, is this the basis of the claim? I've said they're not true pharma grade, and as you will find no pharmacy on earth that carries them this statement will hold true. Are they currently a high quality generic version? Maybe, I haven't used them nor have I used any HGH in over two years. Now, we're all familiar with what happened this past year with many of you being ripped off by the bad Kigs scenario. After that happened, in recent months it was reported by GH15 and some of his guys that the Kigs were once again good to go. After some time had passed, I sent GH15 a PM where I shared some information with him about some things I knew of in-regards to these new Kigs. I told him to take this information as he likes it and I left it at that.

Then there's the new claim that I'm a shill for IP and Alin and that I get kickbacks from Euroman. This claim is so outrageous I'm not exactly sure how to respond to it but I'll do my best.

*IP: I would never recommend to anyone...end of story.

*Alin: Yes, I used him a few times many years ago, I received my products and didn't have any problems. This was back in the BD days, it wasn't the best gear but it wasn't the worst. I also received some of the stealth gear, it was crap. Would I recommend Alin currently? First off, I don't recommend sources to anyone at all...the bazillion guys who've PM'd me over the last two years and have received no response or "I'm sorry, I can't help you" can attest to that. Further, if I were to recommend a source, Alin would not be the one....there are better options, more affordable and higher quality.

*Euroman: Yes, I used him in the past. I received my products and didn't have any problems. They were all good products. Would I recommend Euroman currently? Again, I don't recommend anyone, further, he is no longer in business, and if he is it's only in Europe and in a private fashion that I know nothing about. As for receiving kickbacks from him, just because I've said numerous times Alpha Pharma is a quality brand doesn't mean I'm receiving Euroman kickbacks....he's not the only Alpha Pharma supplier out there. Further, I don't even know who he is and all the income I receive is from a U.S. based company that I write for and doing contest prep on the side....that's it.

As for more specific information on who I am...once again, I have offered GH15 numerous times over this information. All he has to do is speak to me like a man with a little respect. Not respect in a way of me being superior, simply respect in a manner that another human being deserves. I really don't have anything to hide and I'd be more than happy to share it if that's how I was approached. Further, there are pictures and video's of me online that are easy to find, and I'd be glad to share those in-order to help confirm anything I say...if the respect that is deserved is given in-return. This is not asking for a lot.

As for any other purported lies I'm telling that GH15 claims, I'm not sure what those are supposed to be so I cannot speak on them either way.

Last thing, as for the price on my head, well, it's nice to know how much you're worth...I have to say, I thought I was worth more, lol!
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