Author Topic: Rick Scott Gives Out Phone Sex Number In Lieu Of Florida Meningitis Hotline  (Read 1057 times)


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Someone's been a naughty boy!

Florida governor Rick Scott accidentally sent constituents seeking information on a fungal meningitis outbreak to a phone sex hotline.

WUSF reports the gaffe was first noticed by readers after the station published a number Scott reeled off during a Florida Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the day Florida's first death from the outbreak was confirmed:

    "You can call the Dept. of Health's toll-free, 24-hour hotline set up in response to this," Scott said reading off an 866 number.

    When WUSF posted that telephone number as part of its web story, we were quickly notified by a reader that the number instead connected to an adult telephone line.

    "Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary," is how the recording opens. A young female voice then directs "existing callers" to press one, and so on.

Listen to audio from the hotline at Local 10.

The correct number, operated by the fully-dressed Florida Department of Health, is 866-523-7339. Scott was reportedly one number off.

Last year, a recalled Republican Wisconsin state senator Randy Hopper (yup) famously sent voters to an adult chat line when he incorrectly published his own office number on a newsletter.

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we're freaks like that in florida.  a little phone quickie will cure that meningitis.


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Someone will get fired for jimmying with the TelePrompTer.