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Author Topic: afro americans are extremly rescourceful and intelligent  (Read 360 times)
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« on: January 30, 2013, 03:13:09 PM »

found out today one my meters on a rental house is no condemd cause the tenants had jumpers hooked up to the meter from the inside of the house, that will cost me some money. even though i doubt they could be stealing that much damn power you would think the meter reader wouldve seen something suspicious

the tenants were also recently evicted because there had been some "drug dwelling" reports on the premises , i beleive they had recently been arrested on some charge there were also 40 bullet holes in the apartment and front door and if you dont kick a tenant out after you get a notice from the city about it being a drug dwelling they can take your property

so after all that that still more problems the city aparantly doesnt want that side to be vacant even though we just got the insurance money and these white liberal obama neighbors say we arent cooperating forwhatever the fuck that means just because someone isnt living there and there are bullet holes in the door

the thing is the shooting happend a few weeks ago and it isnt exactly smart for me to go riht over there and fix everything after a recent shooting. actually that apartment is of least priority among some vacancies

but this ties in more useless meeting with the city man and a police officer along with the bitchy neighbor wich is a huge fucking time waster casue the city man says you have to show up

all in all afro americans are fucking superior
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