Author Topic: Is there money to be made in the resume/C.V. writing business  (Read 14718 times)


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Re: Is there money to be made in the resume/C.V. writing business
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If you know how to do it right you can make money.
My mother was a journalistic major and reporter a long time ago. We moved to another state without first securing jobs. She wrote resumes at home. She did the interview at our home first. And the resume was done usually a day later. She charged somewhere north of $40 per resume a good sum for close to 40 years ago. They where generally no more than a page to a page and a half. One thing I remember her saying. Never use the word (I) to describe what you have accomplished or have experience in. Stick to the basics, short sweet and to the point, just like the add she ran in the local paper said just this. RESUMES with the phone number. That was it and she had interviews all week long 2-3 people a day weekends too. Most people got the job from her resumes and she got gifts like flowers and paintings from them.
  One time the phone rang I answered it. A man wanted to speak to my dad said he was FBI they where hot on a trail of a murderer who left a piece of paper with our phone number on it. They where a day behind him. Turned out he sat at our dinner table with my mom while she interviewed him. I remember this as well as him getting put to death by the state he was wanted in. Anyway if you do it be careful who you let into your home.