Author Topic: Deca/Test half life question  (Read 1119 times)


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Deca/Test half life question
« on: January 02, 2018, 10:46:21 PM »
New Endo and urine test is approx 2.5 weeks ahead. Been running 300 Deca and 200 test cap per week. I have a chronic illness that many times when I eat I get sick. I have lost 30 lbs
 So my last injection was Christmas day of 150 deca/ 140 test as I know this may be my last for a bit. I am legit low T. I have script for Test cyp, but I had to but all new clothes again and I respond well to deca as far as filling out a bit, but sides suck. Blood gets thick too, but I have a med port so I can hook to fluids anytime.

 So guys and maybe ladies, what protocol should I go by since last injection was Christmas ? Go cold turkey till then or small dose of test once a week. Like 75 mg? I can't walk in bone dry but I have addison so my hormones are naturally whacky and atypical. There are a host of smart guys that I hope can lend me a quick hand. I would like to walk in and piss a total T of 500 because my dose is too small. Can I reach this or am I out of my head?
 I enjoy reading all the posts and God bless our patriots and I'm not talking football. Thank you for the time and any info.