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« on: December 18, 2017, 03:11:52 AM »
does anyone actually believe in polls any longer?

you got the fake news Hussein Obama regime left over now finished being thrown out of office as I promised.. by march they are all gone.. as I promised!

but ow nbc claim that under 35 year old generation nothingness is all for the fascist party.. by huge HUGGGGGE margins lol

1,, they didn't read gh15 site or gtbig site..

2,, they follow the conservative wanna bes.. fascist deep state scarborow.. who lie repetedly and edit their shows to be all for deep state.. all in islamo fascist Hussein Obama image

3,, the ones who do go for the fascist party and under 35.. are a result of years upon years of Hussein Obama brain wash abuse.. you talk about them knowing nothing else but Hussein Obama racist police state regime.. one good example is net neutrality which is fascist way of regimes like islamo fascist Hussein Obama to rule the west into police state,, we just eliminated that by the way,,

in any case polls means nothing since 2015.. absolitly nothing!

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