Author Topic: The Steroids Podcast - A Goldmine of PEDís Information  (Read 2965 times)


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The Steroids Podcast - A Goldmine of PEDís Information
« on: November 08, 2019, 11:08:21 PM »
Does anyone else here listen to the official steroids Podcast on    

Seems to be the most honest and personable source of information about steroids and performance enhancing drugs Iíve ever seen.

Recently Jay Masters from the Delray Misfits who benched 540lbs in a powerlifting meet was Raving About this Podcast and saying it was the best information about bodybuilding he had ever seen.

This is an excerpt from the podcast. Itís available on Spotify and ITUNES as well under the name ďSTEROIDS PODCASTĒ

Time stamps on the episode above

00:00 1000mg testosterone + 300mg tren ace vs. 1000mg testosterone + 1000mg primobolan + 4IU norditropin
04:40 Letrozole vs Aromasin Exemestane vs Arimidex Anastrozole
06:00 Testosterone Dosage vs Anti Estrogen Dosage
08:25 Exemestane is the best anti estrogen tablet + how exemestane works to stop conversion of testosterone to estrogen
10:05 Aromatase Inhibitor BroScience
13:50 BroScience has big value
14:28 Compare SARMS cycle to Test and Trenbolone Cycle
15:27 Juiced up SARM monsters lmao
16:14 How I sometimes use SARMS with high testosterone instead of Oral Steroids for health reasons. SARMS do not require breakdown in the liver + SARMs Toxicity
19:00 I Like S23 better than LGD-4033
20:25 Ran out of Arimidex has Gyno symptoms and hard lump behind nipple for 3 weeks, Is it possible to Shrink Gyno Bitch Tits once you have a lump?
21:20 How to shrink Gyno Bitch tits Protocol (not medical advice)
+ Tamoxifen vs Raloxifene
25:20 Deca and Tren Gyno
26:40 What are Dopamine Agonists like Cabergoline and Pramipexole
29:22 T3 Thyroid Hormone Effects Ė Heart Palpitations and Pounding Heart Thyroid side effects. Muscle Weakness, Overheating, and Loss of breath from T3 thyroid hormone
32:00 T4 Thyroid prohormone as a replacement for T3 cytomel
+ Thyroid Hormone Dosages used commonly by bodybuilders
33:55 Why people like to use thyroid hormones while dieting
36:41 Front Loading Long Acting Esters of Steroids to Start a Cycle
37:35 Steroid Cycle Kick in Time
40:20 Frontloaded my first week of my first steroid cycle first injection was 600mg testosterone enanthate in each ventroglute for 1200mg total
41:15 Oral Steroids Kick in Time
42:00 Using Steroids on a Budget to Get Huge
46:20 Thoughts on Jintropin Labeled with Russian Packaging
48:00 HGH: Jintropin vs Norditropin Experience
50:10 Norditropin is best Growth Hormone for Fat Loss
52:08 Androgen Receptor Desensitization + Myostatin
54:45 The Biggest Bodybuilders are on the biggest dosages of performance enhancing drugs for the longest periods of time
56:32 Testosterone Cruise Dosage to Maintain Muscle Gains from Cycle
57:50 Purpose of Cruise in Blasting and Cruising on steroids
1:01:26 Superdrol at the End of a Cut to Get Freaky or Adding Tren and using Winstrol + Trenbolone vs Superdrol and Winstrol Effects
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Re: The Steroids Podcast - A Goldmine of PEDís Information
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