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Author Topic: Finasteride/Propecia 1mg/day  (Read 910 times)
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« on: December 01, 2019, 10:26:04 AM »

Hello everyone,

I have been using 1mg of Finasteride every morning. Noticed a lot of improvement with my hair loss and acne. I have naturally very high DHT. Especially when I’m running some testosterone. I’m always so vascular and hard. I have been running Fina for approximately 4 months now. I am wondering what effects it has on muscle hardness, strength, muscle mass, and energy levels.

I feel like I MIGHT have lost some hardness. My diet is never on point anymore and I’m only running 125mg of Testosterone Enanthate x2 a week & 25mg/day MK677. But in terms of libido, strength, workouts, it’s all there. Still progressing, getting bigger and stronger. I’m happy with the results taking into account how much gear I’m on right now; 250mg of Test E per week. I’m eating 4-6 meals a day.

I’m comparing the hardness to when I was running EQ/Proviron, so I am for sure just tripping. I have noticed probably an improvement in sex drive and skin quality. Honestly, I would just like to get as much insight and opinions as possible.

I have been reading a lot about it and have experienced none of the side effects listed. I have sex just fine. My loads are the same. I’m just as sensitive as I used to be.

My libido is always on and off. And has always been this way. Probably has to do with my AI dosage. I’m currently using 0.625mg of Letrozole x2 a week. When I stop the Letro and my estrogen goes up, I notice a drastic increase in libido. But I always start getting acne and much oilier skin. I probably need less. But I’m already splitting the pill in 1/4. Maybe 0.5mg of Adex x2 a week. Reason I am running the Letro is because it’s pharmaceutical grade. So it’s working very effectively. Much better than any AI I’ve ever used. I have zero mood swings or gyno, which I’m very sensitive too.

Thank you for all the feedback in advance
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