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Re: Personal Trainers Talk
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How has the economy the past three years affected business for personal trainers here?


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Re: Personal Trainers Talk
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good thread here.


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Re: Personal Trainers Talk
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if you think Charles Glass makes $400 an hour personal training people then you are very mistaken. First off,,he has to give a certain percentagage to the gym and if he made $400 an hour with even 10 clients per day that would be $4000 a day. Give me a break. He is not a millionaire by any means. He doesn't make $400 an hour. PERIOD  ..Personal Trainers do ok. 

Actually I wouldn't doubt that he makes close to it!

A decade and a half ago when I was doing the 20hr a week grind for PT I was charging $100-$150/hr and at that time I had 8yrs as a Professional in the industry, a Natural Pro, with clients mostly from the Film/TV/Entertainment industry along with Doctors/Lawyers/CEO's.

* I really enjoyed the clients in Film/TV because they would usually get production to pay for my training services and thus whether I was union or not (I was a Union Performer myself) they would pay me $250 for the hour session based on production agreements which was easier than negotiating a separate contract. That was a day rate back then for specialty services/special ability extras but you need only sign the contract and even if you were let go for the day after 10mins you still got the min day rate.*

I was not at the Charles Glass level but still demanded a good amount of money for the demographic I was working with at 25yrs of age because I brought more value than any average trainer with just high level schooling/certification behind them. I was a Pro athlete and full union performer, I understood the dynamics of how productions worked and threw in a 30min-40 min drive time Free, since location for set was sometimes not at the main production studio.

From what I heard he is charging upwards of $250/hr and whether he chooses to train clients all day or not (never catch me doing more than 6hrs per day max) even $400/hr is not out of reach if he were to decide limiting his time or knowing that a good chunk of clients are super rich and the rest are usually athletes who have sponsors that pay the tab.

No matter your industry of choice your "academia" time is merely theorhetical for the most part and/or with a small portion of practical.

It means ZERO in regards to experience however.

That is what a Charles Glass has...decades and decades of EXPERIENCE that will always out match any amount of degrees/certifications a person could get.

I'm confident he charges a minimum of $250/hr as there are other trainers that charge that and much more per hour given the demographic of clients they seek out and the cost of living for that general area as well.