Dead bodybuilders in 2005

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I found this article while looking for pics of an old friend Hans Hopstaken that passed away..  I didn't know Derrick Whitsett died?  That damn Advil! 

DATELINE: MAY 8, 2005 | This evening, I received a call telling me that 2002 Masters Olympia winner Don Youngblood had died of a heart attack at age 51. Two days prior, I had been informed that a middle-tier pro who competed earlier this year was now undergoing kidney dialysis, with a view to a future transplant. His career is now over, his life probably shortened. On May 2, we had heard that Charles Durr, 1991 NPC USA middleweight winner, had died of a heart attack at age 44.

On behalf of Weider Publications, I would like to send my sincerest condolences to the families of Don Youngblood and Charles Durr, and express my wishes that the newly retired pro has the best prognosis allowed his condition.

Bodybuilders are by no means the only people on this planet who are liable to die an early death or succumb to critical illness. But our sport cannot escape the fact that since the early '90s, there has been a succession of tragedies and near-tragedies that cannot be dismissed as mere statistical coincidences.

Just going from memory, the list of bodybuilders who have died prematurely since 1992, in addition to Durr and Youngblood, includes Momo Benaziza, Andreas Munzer, Curtis Leffler, Hans Hopstaken, Sonny Schmidt and Derrick Whitsett. Bodybuilders whose competitive careers were cut short by illness include Dennis Newman, Mike Francois, Don Long, Flex Wheeler, Tom Prince and Mike Matarazzo. The list of athletes that we know have experienced harum-scarum hospital visits with conditions in which their lives have been in danger includes Mike Matarazzo, Edgar Fletcher, Paul Dillett (twice), Milos Sarcev, Nasser El Sonbaty, Bob Cicherillo and Mustafa Mohammad (twice).



Don Youngblood passes away news blurb..

Joe Roark:
From my website, Lifelines section: (by no means complete):
For 2004:
Jan 3 Gary Cleveland
Jan 24 Derrik Whitsett
Jan 25 Sonny Schmidt
Feb 22 Bob Bednarski
Mar 6 Trevor Smith
Mar 8 Claudia Bianchi age 34
Mar 14 Stuart Cameron
Apr 19 Les Stockton
May 6 Joseph 'Pepper' Gomez
May 9 Wes Barrett's mother (sorry, do not know her name)
May 16 Inge Jones (Arthur's wife)
May 29 Werner Selig, age 42
Jul 11 Joe Gold
Aug 7 Mark Wallace (1993 NPC Mr. Georgia)
Sep 11 Johnny Hordines, age 94
Sep 22 Harold Zinkin
Sep 22 'Big Boss Man' Ray Traylor
Sep 26 Marianna Komlos age 35
Oct 4 John Carl Mese
Oct 5 Jeff Allen
Oct 21 Russ Warner age 87
Oct 28 date of burial for Georg Schipper 1934-2004
Oct 30 John Patrick O'Shea
Nov 5 P.G. Taylor
Nov 6 Robert Benavente died
Nov 24 Martin Cypher
Dec 4 John McWilliams
Dec 5 Dean Lotz
Dec 16 Ursula Buckanes-Henry
Don Crain also died but I am unaware of the date.
Luke Iams, when?

For 2005:
Jan 10 Helmut Losch died
Jan 11 Jack Lowell died
Jan 15 Angelo Iuspa died
Jan 20 Tony Lanza died
Feb 19 Gustavo Badell wins IFBB Ironman Pro
Mar 05 Dexter Jackson wins IFBB Arnold Classic
Mar 12 Chris Cormier wins IFBB San Francisco Pro
Mar 20 Lee Priest wins IFBB Grand Prix: Melbourne, Australia
Apr 22 Pat Casey died(5 am)
Apr 28 Paul Porteous (not sure of death date, but was disccovered deceased)
May ?? Maurice Catarcio died
May 02 Charles Durr died
May 08 Don Youngblood died
May 09 Steve Klisanin died
May 21 Darrem Charles wins IFBB New York Pro
May 22 Anthony Clark died
May 24 Gordon Wong died
May 26 Jyrki Savolainen died
Jun 01, Joe Hornick died
Jun 2 Paul Demayo died
Jun 4 Mannie Hamilton died
Jun 4 Darrem Charles wins IFBB Toronto Pro
Jun 12 Andy Bolton deadlifts new world record 937 lbs
Jun 18 Ron Lacy died age 75; born June 18, 1929
Jun 23 Roger Estep died
Jun 29 Monotosh Roy
Jul 28 Paul W. 'Sarge' Pendley, age 88, died. Powerlifter
Aug 7 Fannie Barrios died, age 39, 2am
Aug 9 Bruce White died; born Aug 5, 1934, age 70
Aug 10 Asia Monet Ray born to Shawn and Kristie at 5:50am
Aug 12 Coyle D. 'Bud' Lamison, Jr. died age 69
Aug 17 Joe Valdez died age 73 physique photog
Aug 18 John Riggins died
Aug 25 Fred Jarrett was buried; born Jun 23, 1927 died when ??
Sep 1 Terry Albritton, died. Shot put 71' 8.5"
Sep 1 Hannah Claire Means died age 17 (lifter)
Sep 17 Branch Warren wins IFBB Southwest/Europa Pro
Sep 27 John Ware died. Age 46 (former PLer; current football coach)
Oct 1? Phil Hile, 39, powerlifter
Oct 7 Doug Young, 61, powerlifter
Oct 14 Jen Hendershott wins Fitness Olympia
Oct 14 Davana Medina wins Figure Olympia
Oct 15 Ronnie Coleman wins his 8th Mr. Olympia to tie Haney's record
Oct 16 Mr.& Mrs. Mark Henry, son born, 9 lbs 3 ozs
Oct 21 Norm Dabish, 46, died. Co-founder of Powerhouse Gyms.
Oct 22 Reggie 'Crusher' Lisowski, age 79, died. Pro wrestler.
Oct 27? Vadim Savchuck, age 40, masters champ weightlifter, died construction accident
Nov 1 Barbara Beasley died; born Nov 2, 1954
Nov 8 Herb Glossbrenner, 63, suffers stoke, is hospitalized
Nov 10 Robert John Martin born; son of Chris Martin
Nov 10 Steve Courson died; NFL, Strongman competitor.
Nov 13 Eddie Guerrero, pro wrestler dies, age 38. In Minneapolis.
Dec 27 Henry Atkin died, age 89. Published Vigour mag.

For 2006:
Jan ? George Crawford died
Jan 19 Joseph Peters died age 89; was in 1939 Mr. A contest
Jan 20 Johnny Fuller died, age 62
Feb 6 Hans Ossner, German bodybuilder, died, age 64.
Feb 15 Dave Barno, powerlifter died, age 35
Apr 5 Dave Moyer died; WLer, PLer.
Apr 7 Rick Tuller died age 53. PLer.
Apr 9 Russ Knipp died. WLer.
Apr 23 Jason Keene died. Pler, BBer. b. Aug 21, 1974.

Hurricane Beef !:
I recall seeing pics of Hans Hopstaken and he was ripped. It said in the article he stated he would not see 50 with waht he was doing to his body.

The Beef.

Hurricane Beef !:
While looking for the pic of Hans I came across this pic. Please tell me this is morphed, this dude is a freak. Does anyone have any info on him?

The Beef


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