2012 IFBB Muscle Heat Pro Bodybuilding 212lbs and Under Contest Results

Congratulations to Curtis Bryant for winning the 2012 IFBB Muscle Heat Pro Bodybuilding 212lbs and Under Contest. Here are the results.

Results are

1. Curtis Bryant (Richmond, Virginia)
2. Tricky Jackson (Louisville, Kentucky)
3. Gaetano ‘Guy’ Cisternino (Bridgewater, New Jersey)
4. Raul Carrasco (Seville, Spain)
5. Oliver Adzievsky (Sweden)
6. Robert Belisle (Alberta, Canada)
7. Charles Dixon (Greenville,South Carolina)
8. Ahmad Ahmad (Sweden)
8. Vince Wawryk (Saskatchewan, Canada)
10. Marvin Ward (Fort Worth, Texas)
11. Quincy Winklaar
12. Panexce Pierre (Maplewood, New Jersey)
13. Jimmy Canyon (Monroe, Ohio)
14. Roger Ferrer (Aventura, Florida)
DNC. Rixio Tapia (Venezuela)

With the win, Curtis joins 14 other competitors who are already qualified for the Mr. Olympia 212lbs and Under Contest at the end of September. These are who have already qualified for this event. They are.

1. Al Auguste (Haiti)
2. Lyndon Belgrave (Barbados)
3. Jamal Ahmed Elmadawy (Kuwait)
4. Kevin English (USA)
5. James Lewis (England)
6. David Henry (USA)
7. Jaroslav Horvath (Slovakia)
8. Tricky Jackson (USA)
9. Stan McQuay (USA)
10. Fernando de Almeida Noronha (Brazil)
11. Jose Raymond (USA)
12. Lukas Osladil (Czech Republic)
13. Petr Vanis (Czech Republic)
14. Angel Manuel Rangel Vargas (Mexico)