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2016 Arnold Classic Competitor Lists

The 28th Annual Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic 212, Fitness International, Figure International and Bikini International contests will be held March 4-6, 2016 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Here are the competitor lists.

2014 Arnold Classic USA Competitor Lists

Shawn Rhoden, Victor Martinez and Brandon Curry, who have each won an Arnold Classic international title in the past three years, lead a deep field of 13 men’s professional bodybuilders who will battle in the 2014 Arnold Classic.

2014 Arnold Classic Brazil Competitor Lists

The Arnold Classic Brasil and the IFBB Pro League today announced the fields for the Arnold Classic Brasil and the Arnold Fitness Brasil competitions.

2013 Bikini International Results

Congratulations to India Paulino for winning the 2013 Bikini Internationa, with Nathalia Melo coming in 2nd and Nicole Nagrani 3rd. Here are the complete results.

2013 Fitness International Results

In her 10th Fitness International, Tanji Johnson wins the competition, over an incredible routine by Oksana Grishina. Here are the complete results.

2013 Figure International Results

Candice Keene took the top honor on her birthday over Heather Dees and Erin Stern to win the 2013 Figure International contest in Columbus, Ohio. Here are the complete results.

2013 Arnold Classic Men’s Bodybuilding Results

Congratulations to Dexter Jackson for winning the 2013 Arnold Classic, and his 4th win overall. Here are the complete results.

2013 Arnold Classic Free Webcast is bringing the 2013 Arnold Classic IFBB contests to your home by providing a free webcast to all that wont be able to come to Columbus, Ohio on March 1-2. Here is the info on where to see the webcast.

Arnold Classic Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Flex Wheeler, Jay Cutler, Kevin Levrone, Kai Greene Among Former Champions To Be Honored. Inaugural Champion Rich Gaspari To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Arnold Classic 25 Year Documentary DVD

From the makers of the Evolution in Bodybuilding movie, a new Documentary about the Arnold Classic and it’s 25 years making history is coming out. Here is more information on this DVD debuting at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival.

2013 Arnold Classic Competitor Lists

The 2013 Arnold Classic on March 1-2, will feature quite a few IFBB pro shows, including the Arnold Classic Men’s Bodybuilding contest, the Bikini Internationals, the Ms. International, the Fitness International and the Figure International. Here are the invited competitor lists for these events.

2012 Arnold Classic: Free Live Webcast for all who won’t be there

When the curtains rise at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, will once again be on hand to bring you the exclusive live coverage of all the action as Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Columbus for the 24th installment of the Arnold Sports Festival.

2012 Arnold Classic: Official Party with the Pros Saturday night

The 2012 Arnold Party WIth The Pros Will once again be the place to be as the world’s top professionals in bodybuidling, fitness, figure, bikini, strongman and other sports celebrate deep into the night at the Official After-Party For The Arnold Classic. The can’t-miss event includes a night of fun, drinks, dancing, music, star-gazing and world-class entertainment.

2012 Arnold Classic Weekend Competitor Lists

Here we go, the 2012 Arnold Classic competitors lists of all five contests are announced. Who was invited and who was not? Here are the official invite lists…. and bringing them out quickly for all of you to check out and analyze.

Arnold Classic – Live Updates via Twitter / Links

It is going to be a busy 2011 Arnold Sports Festival Weekend, with much of the live updates going to be via Twitter since we won’t be in our rooms every moment of the day. We will also be updating various pictures as we get them. Here are the links in which you can check out to follow the action.

Getbig Twitter Link Page

Getbig’s Main G&O Forum Board’s Main Arnold Page / Pics

There is also going to be a free Webcast from so that is awesome for those of you who are not going to be here this weekend.