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2010 Fit Expo: Moe El Moussawi

Moe El Moussawi, top 10 IFBB Olympia athlete, flew into Los Angeles on Friday from New Zealand. He was at the Nutrigenix booth, along with Mindi Smith and Rosa Maria Romero (you can see their video on, and they are both competing in the 2010 Arnold Classic Figure). Here are some question about what Moe is up to.

Moe, courtesy of Weider / AMI

Dennis Wolf signs with BSN

Team BSN® is very proud to introduce its latest marquee addition: 31-year-old IFBB star Dennis Wolf has officially joined the roster! The man often referred to as the “German Giant” has drawn plenty of attention in the bodybuilding world over the last few years, and already finds himself among the sports elite. With his massive frame and obvious genetic gifts, Dennis already possesses the kind of physique bodybuilders the world over aspire to achieve, yet his pursuit of greatness has only just begun. With two top-five Olympia finishes already under his belt, Dennis and his limitless potential represent the new guard of athletes poised to take the future of bodybuilding by the reins.

Born in the former USSR before his family eventually settled in Germany, Dennis began his competitive bodybuilding career in 1999 after what started as a hobby became a full-fledged passion. After dominating the German bodybuilding circuit and making a name for himself on the international stage, Dennis made his way to Texas for his professional debut at the 2006 Europa Supershow. Since then he has skyrocketed up the pro ranks to become one of the sports true stars and a perennial Olympia contender.

Realizing his enormous potential, Weider Publications signed Dennis to an exclusive publishing contract this past November. This, along with his alliance with BSN, will undeniably springboard Dennis’ well-founded fame and success in the world of bodybuilding to new heights in 2010 and beyond.

IFBB Pro Rankings updated

With no more IFBB Pro Contests for the year, the 2009 IFBB Pro Rankings are complete, including IFBB Bikini (although there has not been a contest yet). Congratulations to those who made the top 10 in the current rankings. Here are the lists.

IFBB RAS Pro Rankings

Dennis Wolf Signs with Weider

Big news in the world of Pro Bodybuilding. reports that Dennis Wolf signs with Weider Publications.

“Despite his recent outing at the 2009 Olympia, we still feel Dennis is one of the top competitors in the world,” Donnelly said. “We feel his consecutive top-five finishes in 2007 and 2008 are more indicative of his enormous potential than the aberration this year. We are confident that Dennis will re-establish himself as one of the elite and as a legitimate Olympia contender in 2010.”

Read the Full story here.

Shawn Ray joins Genr8

Retired IFBB Hall of Fame Bodybuilder Shawn Ray has joined GENr8, Inc., the exclusive marketers of Vitargo® S2. Shawn will be a Chief Consultant and Strategist to GENr8 in the areas of marketing and promotions related to bodybuilding and its athletes, both professional and amateur, creating opportunities for charity events, as well as muscle camps, pro bodybuilding competition, and sponsorship opportunities.

Shawn retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2001 after a successful 13-year career. He enjoyed 12 consecutive years as a top 5 finalist in the Mr. Olympia contest while achieving 1st runner up in both 1994 and 1996. Shawn is a writer and radio host of MD Radio with Muscular Development Magazine and has over 22 years experience in the sport ranging from competitor, contest promoter, master of ceremonies, journalist, and event organizer. “My time on the contest stage and behind the scene in the sport of Bodybuilding has prepared me for an opportunity such as this, where I can continue to help others grow while sharing the superior benefits of a patented, scientifically proven product like Vitargo S2“, stated Mr. Ray.

Shawn will be working directly with GENr8 President and CEO, Anthony L. Almada, B.Sc., M.Sc. a graduate of UC Berkeley. Anthony is a nutritional and exercise biochemist and was the co-founder and past-president of EAS. He has collaborated on over 50 university-based sports nutrition studies and has worked in the nutrition industry since 1975. “We are elated to bring Shawn onto the team. He is a uniquely business savvy retired pro athlete that brings a wealth of insight and value, and a fantastic relationship network. The value and integrity in his name and persona only add to his impressive skills and work ethic”, offered Almada.

GENr8 is an evidence-based performance nutrition company with deep roots in university research, led by a management team with over 125 years of nutrition industry experience and expertise. GENr8 has had the exclusive rights to Vitargo since December 2007 and has distribution into 4 continents. Vitargo S2 is a university proven carbohydrate with patents in 5 countries/continents. It remains the only university-proven starch-based carbohydrate with superior digestion, absorption, insulin response, and muscle glycogen refueling advantages. Current clients include numerous university and professional sports athletes and teams. Each batch of every GENr8 product is also subjected to the most rigorous testing for substances banned in sport, conducted by the only World Anti-Doping Association-experienced lab in North America.

The Return of Ruhl

Marcus Ruhl has posted a video of himself 7 weeks out from the NY Pro. He claims he is at 300lbs in the clip. One thing is for certain he is a straight up freaky bodybuilder.

Marcus is currently sponsored by Ultimate Nutrition.

Hidetada Yamagishi – 5 weeks out of Orlando Pro

Hidetada Yamagishi, Idrise Ward-El, Kris Dim, Brandon Curry and many others were in full force supporting and checking out the 2009 NPC San Diego bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini competition at the Scottish Rite Auditorum on Saturday, March 21st.  Hidetada told me that he currently is in better shape that he was at the 2009 Ironman, and will make the top three and qualify for the 2009 Mr. Olympia when he gets on stage in Orlando. Here are some pics.


Branch Back to the Arnold

Many people are talking like the Arnold Classic is between three people. Victor Martinez, Kai Green and Toney Freeman. Don’t forget about one dude who will likely be the most muscular guy on stage, Branch Warren. Branch was looking good three weeks out and in top condition. Can he bring it to the Arnold Classic Stage next weekend? He looks great from the front but his back has held him,well back. If he’s improved his back he could cause problems for others. We’ll see what Branch brings to Columbus in a few days.

Branch Warren back to the Arnold Classic.

Can Freeman Win it All?

Yes. Toney “X-Man” Freeman will be bringing his A-game to the Columbus next weekend. One week out from the Arnold Classic, Toney is on point and will be bigger and better than we’ve seen him. You won’t read anything about the X-man passing out from doing cardio. This seasoned veteran is ready.


Did Kai Greene pass out at Gold’s Venice?

Monday morning, and a lot of rumors were started on the Getbig boards that Kai Greene, while training at Gold’s Gym of Venice over the weekend, passed out while doing cardio, and someone called 911 to get him help. Furthermore, they said he was taken to the emergency room too.

Well, I received a few calls today on this matter to set the story straight.  According to various people, Kai was training and working on his third round of cardio. When he finished the cardio, he was quite tired, and laid down in the back of the gym to catch his breath.  Some member of the gym saw him back there, and ran up the to front desk, and told them that somebody was passed out in the back of the gym.  According to them, no one called 911.  Kai rested, then got up, walked to his car, and drove himself home. 

Now, another confirmed source said that he DID pass out.  He was on a stairclimber, doing cardio, and missed a step, whereas he fell off and passed out. They did call 911, but by the time they got there, he was ok, and he left on his own.

So until Kai tells us the truth on what happened, we will just have to wait.

Kai intends to come into the Arnold Classic at 270 pounds. He is currently at 276 pounds, from his original off season weight of 303 pounds. 

Nutrabolics signs IFBB Pro Ben White

Nutrabolics is on a role, first signing MMA fighter Frank Mir, who will appear at their booth at the 2009 Arnold Classic Weekend, and now also has signed IFBB pro Ben White. Ben White was the 2007 NPC USA Overall champion, and startted his IFBB pro career at the 2008 New York Pro, only to fall short of a qualification to the 2008 IFBB Mr. Olympia by one place. 

This year, Ben is going to try again by competing in the 2009 New York Pro bodybuilding contest. In a press release, Ben said “I would like to thank my new sponsor Nutrabolics for helping me to get ready for the 2009 New York Pro Show. I am very happy to be part of such a great time of athletes and I would like to thank all my fans for their contrinuing support. As everyone knows, I took the whole 2008 off to work on impriving and perfecting my physique. I have made great strides and gains, and I look forward to competing in the 2009 IFBB schedule in the best shape of my career.”

Lee Priest having surgery, out of Australian Pro

Lee Priest is most definitely out of the 2009 Australian Pro, which has disappointed thousands of fans who wanted to see the comeback of one of the most prolific IFBB competitors, who was suspended when he left for a while. Lee is going to have surgery this Wednesday in Australia (that is Tuesday here in the US) on a torn tendon, which needed to be screwed back on to the bone and stitched (Lee’s words). After that, he won’t be able to move the arm for six weeks.

We wish Lee a speedy recovery. For all those fans in Australia, Lee is still supposed to be at the 2009 Australian Pro, just not competing on stage, but to greet the Australian fans.

Lee Priest’s new pics

Lee Priest anticipated return to the IFBB pro circuit at the 2009 Australian Pro five weeks away has been talked about for a long time now, and here are a few pictures of Lee Priest.

You can see more pics and a discussion of Lee Priest on the Getbig Boards at

Lee Priest has new pics

2009 Ironman winner – Silvio Samuel

Ok, I was wrong in my prediction saying that Moe Elmoussawi was going to beat Silvio here at the 2009 Ironman Pro.  But it was close.  Silvio looked great in the prejudging, but Moe did battle for redemption in the finals, with the 4th and final round decided by one point only going to Silvio. Still, Silvio let it be known to me that how could I not have chosen him going into the contest. After all, in the last two contests before the Ironman, Silvio did beat Moe. My lecture backstage and me begging forgiveness for my ‘wrong’ prediction was just.


So will these two battle again? Yes, they will, for in six weeks, both of these competitors will meet again at the 2009 Arnold Classic. Moe insists that he can only get better, and can  beat Silvio. Of course, at that contest, there are many other top competitors who will vie for the top positions (Victor Martinez, Kai Greene), but for the rumble between these two in the war of words, it will another rematch.


Congratulations to Silvio for being the 2009 Ironman winner, and receiving a very nice check, which Mr. John Balik wrote right on the spot backstage! For complete scorecard results, please go to:

2009 IFBB Ironman Scorecard Results

Will Harris video predicting a win at the Europa show

Will Harris is predicting a win at the Europa Show, so for all of you who are coming to the show, watch out… he is in shape. This is Will Harris FOUR WEEKS OUT from the Europa show!