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IFBB Houston Pro Bikini/Figure Lists

The 2011 IFBB Houston Pro will be held this Saturday, October 15th, along with the NPC Texas State, in Stafford, Texas. Phil Health will be guest poser, and it is going to be a great contest, with 200+ competitors estimated for the NPC Texas State contest (amatuers). Here is the tentative competitor lists for the figure and bikini pros.

IFBB Houston Pro Figure Competitor List

1. Jelena Abbou
2. Teresa Anthony
3. Elisha Archibold
4. Melanie Burger
5. Natalie Calland
6. Krissy Chin
7. Vicki Counts
8. Jami DeBernard
9. Ginette Delhaes
10. Debbie Fowler
11. Allison Frahn
12. Soleivi Hernandez
13. Charmayne Jackson
14. Danielle Kifer
15. Cheri Lewis
16. Tracey MacDonald
17. Tamee Marie
18. Amanda Marinelli
19. Anissa Payne
20, Tiffany Procopio
21. Kristina Rojas
22. Kimberly Sheppard
23. Alea Suarez
24. Natalie Waples

IFBB Houston Pro Bikini Competitor Lists

1. Barbara Bolotte
2. Gabriela Cardosa
3. Nicole Coleman
4. Tawna Eubanks
5. Janet Harding
6. Nicole Moneer-Guerrero
7. Skye Taylor
8. Roya Tehrani
9. Christina Vargas

2011 NPC USA – Over 680 competitors

It what is going to be the largest NPC contest ever, 680+ competitors are coming to Las Vegas for the NPC USA’s. We will see you there.


Artemus W. Concert Hall on the Campus of UNLV
4505 Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, Nevada

Event Schedule:

Friday, July 29th at 4:30pm – Men’s Bodybuilding and Bikini Prejudging
Saturday, July 30th at 9:00am – Figure, Men/Women’s Physique & Women’s Bodybuilding Prejudging
Saturday, July 30th at 6:00pm – Finals

Pro cards handed out:

– Men: (7 wt groups) 4 men will turn professional.
– Men’s Physique: (3 height groups) – Class winners turn pro.
– Women’s Physique (3 height class) – Class winners turn pro.
– Women’s Bodybuilding: 2 women will turn professional.
– Figure (6 height groups): Class winners turn pro.
– Bikini (6 height groups): Class winners turn pro.

2011 NPC Los Angeles – Pictures

The 2011 NPC Los Angeles is Culver City, California, was a great contest, with some previews of competitors who will be competing at the NPC USAs. Here are the pics from the contest, taken by Ron Avidan.

[ Men’s Open Photos ]
[ Men’s Physique Photos ]
[ Bikini Photos ]
[ Figure Photos ]
[ Women’s Photos ]
[ Misc Photos ]
[ Misc – USA Preview Photos ]

2011 NPC Colorado State – Pictures

The 2011 NPC Colorado State, in Denver, Colorado, was an incredible contest, with a sold out night audience and standing room only. Two weeks before the NPC USAs, some of Colorado’s best competitors took the stage to present their physiques. Here are the pics.

[ Men’s Photos ]
[ Men’s Physique Photos ]
[ Bikini Photos ]
[ Figure Photos ]
[ Fitness Photos ]
[ Women’s Photos ]
[ Misc Photos ]
[ Camp HARDBODY.COM Photos ]

2011 NPC Colorado State – July 16

The 2011 NPC Colorado State Championships is coming up this weekend, and we will be there, covering the action on Saturday, July 16th, in downtown Denver. With Amanda Latona as co-emcee, and featuring Brian Yersky as the guest poser, with Sara Hurrle and Abbie Burrows checking out the action, the Colorado State promises to be a most excellent contest.

Promoter Jeff Taylor always does a great job of taking care of the athletes.

2011 NPC Jr. Nationals – 06-17-11

The 2011 Optimum Nutrition NPC Jr. National Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships and the Men’s & Women’s Physique Championships, will be held on June 17-18 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont (Chicago area), Illinois.

There are 4 weight classes for the Women’s Bodybuilding, 7 weight classes for Men’s Bodybuilding, 3 height classes for Fitness competitors, 6 height classes for Figure and Bikini competitors, 2 height classes for Men’s Physique and 1 Women’s Physique class. There will be three Fitness pro cards, four Figure pro cards, 4 Bikini pro cards, 2 Women’s Physique and 2 Men’s Physique pro cards awarded.

U.S. Citizenship is required for Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Men’s & Women’s Physique Competitors only (pro-qualifiers). All bodybuilding athletes must provide either proof of U.S. Citizenship or Legal Resident Alien status (Green Card).

2011 NPC Southern California – 06-18-11

A brand new NPC contest is being held in San Diego this upcoming weekend. Called the NPC Southern California Bodybuilding, Figure, Men’s Physique and Bikini Championships, this National Qualifier is going to have an impressive lineup of competitions. The All Forces contest will also be held at the same venue on Saturday. We wll be there taking pictures. Here is the information:

2011 NPC West Coast Classic – 06-25-11

Lonnie Teper always puts on a great contest, and this year, the NPC West Coast Classic continues to shine. Held at El Monte High School, this National Qualifier NPC contest features bodybuilding, men’s physique, figure and bikini. Check it out if you are in the Southern California area.

2011 NPC Orange County Contest (California)

Jon Lindsay’s annual NPC Orange County contest (three miles away from Disneyland) always attract a huge crowd, and this year, look for more than 200+ competitors to bring their best physiques to the Anaheim High School auditorium. Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and the new Men’s Physique division are the main events here, while we have guest poser and current Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler delight the audience at the finals.

Prejudging begins at 11am. Finals begin at 6:30pm. See you there.

2011 NPC Emerald Cup (Washington)

The 2011 BSN Emerald Cup takes place Friday April 15th and Saturday April 16th at the Snoqualmie Casino, Snoqualmie, Washington. The show will feature athletes competing in Men’s & Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Women’s Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Masters Bikini Fit Body. For those who have not been here, this is a casino about 25 miles away from Seattle.

We will have Dominic Lacasse performing both nights at the Emerald Cup this year and he is known as the Human Flag. He does a Circue De Solei type act with an incredible demonstration of strength that a bodybuilding/Fitness type crowd can appreciate.

Orlando Show of Champions winner, IFBB Pro Hidetada Yamagishi and top NPC National Level Super Heavyweight competitor Steve Kuclo will be performing Saturday night, April 16th.

The 2011 Emerald Cup is a two day event, and is different from other shows in the way it is held for divisions, prejudging and finals. Fitness and Figure Prejuding and Finals occur on Friday, while Bikini and Men’s Physique Prejudging and Finals are on Saturday at noon. Bodybuilding prejudging is Saturday at noon, and the Bodybuilding finals are Saturday night.

IFBB/NPC Musclecontest Competitor List

The first NPC Men’s Physique contest in California will be held on Saturday, March 26th, at the 2011 GNC MuscleContest NPC Bodybuilding, Figure, Men’s Physique and Bikini Championships in Culver City. The event wil be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City, California 90230. Prejudging will begin at 11am, while finals will begin at 6:30pm.

Here is the final list for the competitors for the 2011 IFBB Musclecontest in Culver City.

1. Natalie Abrhiem, USA
2. Dina Al-Sabah, Kuwait
3. Leigh Brandt, Canada
4. Abigail Burrows, USA
5. Laura Calderon, USA
6. Mary Jo Cooke-Elliott, USA
7. Jennifer Dietrick, USA
8. Kelly Gonzalez, USA
9. Amanda Latona, USA
10. Anca Marcus, USA
11. Christie Marquez, USA
12. Lindsey Morrison, USA
13. Jennifer Pimentel, USA
14. Vanessa Prebyl, USA
15. Zhanna Rotar, USA
16. Christina Vargas, USA

For more information, click below

2010 NPC Excalibur Results and Pics

One of the most incredible contests in Southern California, and also the last of the 2010 season, the NPC Excalibur featured over 280 competitors. Here are the results and pictures from the event.

2010 NPC Excalibur Men’s Bodybuilding Results
2010 NPC Excalibur Figure Results
2010 NPC Excalibur Women’s Bodybuilding Results
2010 NPC Excalibur Bikini Results

Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Men’s Bodybuilding
Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Bikini
Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Figure
Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Women’s Bodybuilding
Pics – Misc Pics from the NPC Excalibur

2010 NPC Excalibur – December 4th

The 2010 NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships, a National Qualifier, is just one week away, and it is going to be a most excellent contest, with possibly 200+ competitors. It is the final NPC contest of the year here in Southern California, and we will be there covering the event!

Prejudging is early for this contest, it starts at 10am, while the finals beging at 6:30pm. The contest is in Culver City at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium. For more information, go to We will see you there!

2011 NPC Ironman Naturally

One of the very first NPC contests of the year for 2011 will be in Los Angeles, on January 29th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 2011 NPC Ironman Magazine Naturally Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships is going to be a polygraph tested contest, and will be on stage at the Fitness Expo convention. I will be there covering the event, and the winners will be featured in Ironman Magazine, as well as on a few notable web sites. Don’t miss it.

Lonnie Teper will be the emcee of the contest, as well as the point of contact for competition info. See you there.

2010 IFBB/NPC Sacramento Pro Contest Info

The 2010 IFBB/NPC Sacramento bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition is going to be a good contest, with 190+ NPC Competitors, 14 IFBB Pro Bikini competitors, and 19 IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding 202lbs and under competitors.

The event will be held at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814, and the Host Hotel is the Courtyard Sacramento Airport Natomas, 2101 River Plaza Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833

All NPC Check-In’s are at the Host Hotel from 2 to 9pm on Friday, November 5th. NPC Bodybuilders may also check in on Saturday, November 6th at 8:15am in the morning at the Crest Theater.

IFBB Women’s Bikini Check in is at 6pm Friday evening at the Host Hotel. IFBB Men’s 202 and Under is at 6:30pm Friday evening at the Host Hotel.

Competitors for the IFBB Men’s 202 and Under include

1. Ahmad Ahmad (Sweden)
2. Charles Arde (USA)
3. Pablo Arevalo (Peru)
4. Jimmy Canyon (USA)
5. Pedro Barron Cuyas (Mexico)
6. PD Devers (USA)
7. Edward Duque (Venezuela)
8. Roger Ferrer (USA)
9. Vinny Galanti (USA)
10. Ricky ‘Tricky’ Jackson (USA)
11. James Llewellini (United Kingdom)
12. Daron Lytle (USA)
13. Stan McQuay (USA)
14. Peter Putman (USA)
15. Carlos Rabiei (Canada)
16. Brandon Ray (USA)
17. Jose Raymond (USA)
18. Amit Sapir (Israel)
19. Rixio Tapia (Venezuela)

Competitors for the IFBB Pro Bikini contest incude

1. Julia Aragon (USA)
2. Leigh Brandt (Canada)
3. Theresa Byrne (USA)
4. Laura Calderon (USA)
5. Jennifer Dietrick (USA)
6. Safiya Johnson (USA)
7. Amanda Latona (USA)
8. Nita Marquez (USA)
9. Brooke Mora (USA)
10. Natalie Pennington (USA)
11. Zara Pineda-Boorder (Canada)
12. Vanessa Prebyl (USA)
13. Jessica Putman (USA)
14. Sherlyn Roy (USA)