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American Gladiators: Mike O’Hearn as the Hulk

The June 9th episode of American Gladiators will be a ‘Hulk’ themed episode with guest star Lou Ferrigno from the original “Incredible Hulk” tv series who will share hosting duties with Hulk Hogan. The Hulk themed episode is an effort on the part of NBC to cross promote for NBC Universal whose Universal Pictures are producing the new ‘Incredible Hulk’ film with Marvel Studios. The episode will feature a hulked out Gladiator Arena and an exclusive 60-second preview from the upcoming movie “The Incredible Hulk”. The new movie which stars Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt opens four days later on June 13th.


For the Hulk themed episode the shows set which is housed in the L.A. Sports Arena will be redone with various Hulk features including the pool being green, green lighting, green graphics and green balls for Powerball. Audience members were given 1,000 pairs of Hulk hands to wear throughout the episode and some will wear Hulk masks. Also Gladiators competing in the Gauntlet will use Hulk Hands to stop the oncoming contenders.

American Gladiators Season Two updates

American Gladiators season Two is currently taping at the Sports Arena, and we find out that there are about 16 American Gladiators (as there is also an Australian and English version that is new too).

So far, we know of seven new American Gladiators which include Jet (female winner from last season), Pheonix (female with pink hair), Panther (female), Steel (female), Hurricane (male with pink, blond and black hair), Zen (female), and Rocket (male).

And yes, Siren and Venom, Justice and Wolf are still there, and many others from Season One are there and competing. Others, including Fury and Stealth, are still injured.

And there are lots of new events, for a total of 15 events for Season 2. New events include  Tilt, Atlasphere, Vertigo, Rocketball, Snapback, and Skytrack.

More to come soon…

American Gladiators Toys, Action Figures and more coming soon

Ok, we take pictures of some of our favorite figure and fitness competitors, but soon, we may even get to play with them. Siren (Valarie Waugaman), Stealth (Tanji Johnson), Fury (Jamie Reed), and Venom (Beth Horn) just might have their own action ‘figure’ doll in the works. According to a press release: 

“Jakks Pacific signed an exclusive worldwide master toy license with MGM Consumer Products for American Gladiators, a television program that airs on NBC. Jakks expects to launch a line of American Gladiators toys and related products in Spring 2009, based on the characters and challenges seen on the show. American Gladiators is produced by MGM Television and Reveille in association with Flor-Jon Films, Inc. The comprehensive American Gladiators license agreement includes action figures, accessories, as well as outdoor sports and seasonal products, and role play toys, all based on the new American Gladiators live action series and the classic television series.”

Now, we need some for the bodybuilding community too.

American Gladiators Season 2 – New challenges

Three new challenges will debut on the American Gladiator’s Season Two. They are called Depth, Sway Poles and Side Swipe. Filming begins tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. More information soon…

American Gladiators Season 2 will begin to tape on April 8th at the L.A. Sports Arena

Forget Sony Studios in Culver Studios, where the events for Season one was taped at. This time, for Season Two, they are going bigger and better. What? Are you saying they are not taping in a 42,000 square foot set. Nope, they are going to be taping at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, at 3939 South Figueroa Street, very close to where USC is. That places is huge, and has about 13,000 seats around the arena. Now that is going to be an event. It also as the room to house all of the events, instead of just building them up and removing them every few days.Unlike Season One, we hear that there is going to be a pool which is above water, and you can see in, so you can watch the Gladiator and competitors under water too.

The first show will begin taping on Tuesday, April 8th, at 5pm. Each show will last 4-5 hours, so expect to be there, until after 10pm. Taping should last from April 8 to around April 20th or so.

Season Two’s premiere will be two hours long, and will begin on Monday, May 12th, and will continue every Monday with a 90 minute show. Who will be the new Gladiators? Who won’t be on the show?

Well, we know from various sources that Matt Morgan and Erin Toughill, both MMA stars, are going to be two of the new Gladiators. Add to that, perhaps, the two winners of Season One, and we have four new Gladiators to check out. Check here for more updates.

American Gladiators Season 2 will begin May 12th

Monday, May 12th is when we will see the second season of American Gladiators premier on NBC. Which new Gladiators will come aboard, we are not sure yet, but we know that TNA’s wrestling star Matt Morgan will become one of the newest American Gladiators.

We are not sure yet if Evan Dollard and Monica Carlson, the winners of Season One, will become American Gladiators, although they have been offered the chance to do so.  At this past weekends Arnold Classic expo in Columbus, Ohio, the casting crew of AG were still looking and interviewing potentional Gladiators and competitors.

So how were the ratings for Season One? It was the number one new series for NBC, will an average rating of close to 10 million people per week! Now that isnt bad at all!

We have also learned that a number of Season One Gladiators will not be back on the show, due to various reasons. But until the official Gladiator list is completed for Season 2, anything can happen.

American Gladiators Season 2 – Update and could love be in the air for one gladiator?

This Sunday marks the end of the American Gladiator season one. A couple Gladiators bit the dust in the first season’s taping and will not be back for round two. Some inside scoop for fans… Final tryouts will be held this weekend in Los Angles at the Fit Expo. If you haven’t tried out and still interested in becoming a new American Gladiator or contestant this is the place to be on Friday and Saturday.

Things are moving quick on the casting front. Both Gladiators and Contenders will need to be available March 5- March 9, 2008. If you haven’t been called back or invited to attend this round by these dates, sorry but you’re not in the running. Those who make it through the first March Madness round will be invited back for a Gladiator or Contender Boot Camp. Gladiators will have their camp March 17-22 and the Contenders will be held March 23-28. Actual taping of the shows will begin on March 31st.

Several NPC/IFBB men and women are in the running as new Gladiators or Contenders. I’m confident we’ll see at least two NPC/IFBB competitors make it onto the second season.

A little birdie told me that one of the current American Gladiators may have found a new love. What does this mean for this Gladiator? We’ll have to wait and see but rest assured you’ll get the full scoop as it develops.

American Gladiator tryouts addd to the Fit Expo

American Gladiator hopefuls will get another chance to try out for the NBC show at the Fit Expo on Los Angles. The tryouts will be held on February 16 & 17th from 10am-4pm both days. For more information visit: