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2010 Olympia Weekend After Party

From Jason Dhir –> At 11pm on Saturday night September 25th, history will be made… The doors to HAZE nightclub will open to hold the first ever Official Olympia Party. The Olympia weekend has set the standard for the industries trade shows/competitions bringing in Hollywood celebrities, over the top entertainment and hundreds of pro athletes and models from around the globe. Hence, in order to bring a MEGA-Party such as this to Vegas (similar to what I do annually every March in Columbus, Ohio), there is ultimately only one site on the Vegas strip that can contain this Massive Mastodon of Mega and that is at HAZE Night club located at Aria Hotel/Resort.

This will be a new standard in Olympia After-Parties and is held at one next level location. I am not talking about a wine and cheese affair at a hotel welcoming room nor a half assed hot or not after party. I am talking an upper echelon, pinch me I am dreaming, reality check party… so fasten your seatbelts

2010 IFBB Tampa Pro Updates

Updates are live and up to date on the Twitter Account regarding what is going on at the IFBB Tampa Pro contest. We have put together a special twitter page just for any up to the minute updates. Click below to check it out.

Twitter Updates from the IFBB Tampa Pro

IFBB Phoenix Pro – Who will win?

With less than a week left to go before the IFBB Phoenix Pro, speculation as who is going to win the contest always is brought up. Everyone has an opinion, and the debate rages on as more pictures, videos, and past contest results render an opinion. But one thing is certain. Until that Saturday morning at prejudging, anything can happen.

With Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon and Larry Pepe discussing the Phoenix Pro on the PBW Radio program, and Lonnie Teper, Isaac Hinds, and Ron Avidan adding their opinions, here is what they chose as their top five.

Bob Cicherillo

1. Toney Freeman
2. Melvin Anthony
3. Troy Alves
4. Hidetada Yamagishi
5. Micheal Liberatore

Larry Pepe

1. Melvin Anthony
2. Toney Freeman
3. Troy Alves
4. Tarek Elsetouhi
5. Hidetada Yamagishi

Dan Solomon

1. Toney Freeman
2. Melvin Anthony
3. Troy Alves
4. Hidetada Yamagushi
5. Moe Bannout

Lonnie Teper

1. Toney Freeman
2. Quincy Taylor
3. Hidetada Yamagishi
4. Troy Alves
5. Tarek Elsetouhi
6. Melvin Anthony
7. Micheal Liberatore

Isaac Hinds

1. Melvin Anthony
2. Toney Freeman
3. Tarek Elsetouhi
4. Troy Alves
5. Micheal Liberatore
6. Hidetada Yamagishi

As for Ron Avidan, I looked into the RAS Rankings, and will abide by those rankings, which are…

1. Toney Freeman
2. Hidetada Yamagishi
3. Melvin Anthony
4. Troy Alves
5. Tarek Elsetouhi

Let the best competitors prove us wrong!

King Kamali Makes Appearance on Jerry Springer

Check out this clip from the Jerry Spring Show where pro bodybuilder King Kamali makes an appearance. The show’s topic was “I had sex with your Mama”.

King Kamali does his best Richard Nixon impersonation.

Silvio Samuel Skipping the Arnold reports that Silvio will skip the 2010 Arnold Classic for the first time in four years. He tells FLEX…

“I will take a break to put on the size I need to put on,” Samuel said. “I wanted to do the Arnold Classic, but after more thought I do not believe that competing so soon after the Olympia is in my best interest. In order to make the impact I want to make, I want to make some improvements this year.”

“The Olympia was not the result I would have liked,” he said. “It’s painful when you do not place where you hope. I do not blame anybody, but I was not happy with where I finished. I will take the time to improve and make sure I am better the next time I compete at the Olympia.”

Read the full article here.

Moe El Moussawi enters the 2010 Ironman

Moe El Moussawi was up in Sacramento, as Pro Fight, the company in which he partially owns was the title sponsor for the contests. Speaking to Moe, he said that he will be ready for the 2010 Ironman, and he is also going to win it! Last year, Moe placed second over Silvio Samuel in a battle in which each competitor blasted each other on who will be better prepared. Silvio did win, but Moe bested Silvio at the 2009 Olympia by two places. Will this battle continue? Sources have said that Silvio is not going to defend his title at the Ironman? We will see.

Moe with J.M. Manion and John Tuman in Sacramento

George Farah & Slumdog Millionaire Kids recently ran a story on the two child stars of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and the lead photo was the children with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder George Farah. The story talks about the kids’ poor attendance at school and are at risk of losing their trust fund.  George is currently in India on behalf his sponsor, Optimum Nutrition.


George Farah with the kids from Slumbdog Millionaire at a hotel in India.
Photo from

No word on why they posing with him but it made for an amusing photo.

Can Freeman Win it All?

Yes. Toney “X-Man” Freeman will be bringing his A-game to the Columbus next weekend. One week out from the Arnold Classic, Toney is on point and will be bigger and better than we’ve seen him. You won’t read anything about the X-man passing out from doing cardio. This seasoned veteran is ready.


“The Experts” View Arnold Classic 2009

Lonnie Teper is once again the 2009 Arnold Classic bodybuilding emcee, and a part of our little group of ‘experts’, in which we try to accurately predict who will place in the top 10 of various contests. In his current blog, LT details how Isaac Hinds, Ron Avidan and LT differs in their predictions. Who do you predict, and can you outpredict the ‘experts’?

Here is the blog with all three of our predictions.

8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Guest Appearance – Whole Lotta Peanuts

8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman recently shared in a radio interview that he gets $5-6,000 per guest appearance. DAYUM! That’s some solid cash for an appearance.

Fans can see Ronnie guest posing this April in Illinois.

Did Kai Greene pass out at Gold’s Venice?

Monday morning, and a lot of rumors were started on the Getbig boards that Kai Greene, while training at Gold’s Gym of Venice over the weekend, passed out while doing cardio, and someone called 911 to get him help. Furthermore, they said he was taken to the emergency room too.

Well, I received a few calls today on this matter to set the story straight.  According to various people, Kai was training and working on his third round of cardio. When he finished the cardio, he was quite tired, and laid down in the back of the gym to catch his breath.  Some member of the gym saw him back there, and ran up the to front desk, and told them that somebody was passed out in the back of the gym.  According to them, no one called 911.  Kai rested, then got up, walked to his car, and drove himself home. 

Now, another confirmed source said that he DID pass out.  He was on a stairclimber, doing cardio, and missed a step, whereas he fell off and passed out. They did call 911, but by the time they got there, he was ok, and he left on his own.

So until Kai tells us the truth on what happened, we will just have to wait.

Kai intends to come into the Arnold Classic at 270 pounds. He is currently at 276 pounds, from his original off season weight of 303 pounds. 

Toney “X-man” Freeman Signs multi-year endorsement with Muscletech

Toney Freeman finished the 2008 competitive season with a 5th place finish at the Mr. Olympia contest. The X-man can now add another notch in his belt of accomplishments by inking a multi-year deal with Team Muscletech.

“Toney has been a fan of Muscletech products for years and we have been big fans of Toney since he earned his pro card at the 2002 NPC Nationals” notes Dave Conlon, Manager of Talent Relations at Team Muscletech Headquarters.

“We have had Toney on our radar for quite some time and his impressive showing at this years Mr. Olympia competition, on top of his consistent placings in 2008 instantly confirmed that we had to add him to our already stacked roster of the worlds greatest bodybuilders, we couldn’t be happier to have him on the team.”

When asked how it feels to be a member of Team Muscletech, Toney said…

“It gives me great pleasure and it is also an honor to finally become a part of Team Muscletech.  My goal is to live up to and exceed all expectations. This is a very special time for me and I will continue the great tradition established by the great champions before me.  “Muscletech made the X-MAN the Next Man”

Congratulations Toney. Another great addition to Team Muscletech.

Toney Freeman at the 2008 Olympia.

Rory Leidelmeyer – Greatest Bodybuilder never to turn pro?

At the 2008 Orange County Muscle Classic contest on April 19, 2008, I had a chance to meet Rory Leidelmeyer, who Lonnie Teper and a few others call him ‘The Greatest Bodybuilder never to turn Pro’. The guy is still dynamic, and looked pretty cool, and had a lot of admirers when he competed 25+ years old. The guy is 53 years old, and still looks fit. Here is a pic of him.


For more on Rory and other stories, please go to:

Lonnie Teper’s Blog April 21, 2008

Thomas J. Vigliatura gets 51 months, forfeits home and business

WORCESTER— A Worcester bodybuilder and businessman who was convicted on drug charges along with two former Worcester police officers was sentenced yesterday in U.S. District Court to 51 months in prison and forfeiture was ordered of his home and defunct business.

Thomas J. Vigliatura, 40, of 118 Santoro Road, previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy from 2002 to 2004 to distribute illegal steroids known as GHB and GBL and to possess cocaine and Ecstasy as well as distribution of GBL and GHB.

Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV also found that Mr. Vigliatura had threatened the life of the prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney George W. Vien, although he had not been charged with that.

Read Full Story.

Hardbody News Text Messaging Service now available

LIFT Studios Launches HARDBODY NEWS Text Messaging Service
Female bodybuilding, fitness and figure news, gossip and NPC & IFBB Pro contest results delivered directly to your phone, within seconds of them happening.

DENVER, Colorado, February 27, 2008 – LIFT Studios ( announced today that it has launched HARDBODY NEWS (, a new text messaging service for female bodybuilding, fitness and figure fans. HARDBODY News, like Muscle Phone ( for the men’s side of things, alerts subscribers of the latest industry news, gossip and NPC & IFBB contest results.

“Muscle Phone broke new ground for bodybuilding fans and it was time to provide a version for the women’s side of things. Those who sign up for the service will receive the 2008 Ms. International as well as the Fitness & Figure International results via text message immediately after they are announced,” said Isaac Hinds, Owner of LIFT Studios and Creator of Muscle Phone. “Fans of the female side of the industry no longer have to be glued to their computers or rely on friends for the latest NPC & IFBB contest results or industry news and gossip. Strategic partnerships have been formed with the IFBB Professional League, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, Sprayflex,, with more to come,” Hinds goes on to say.

Fans can access HARDBODY News, by texting the word HARDBODY to 64274 or visit, standard text messaging rates may apply. There is no charge for subscribing however standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your text message plan.Currently the subscription is not available outside of the United States but plans are being made to expand globally.

About LIFT Studios
LIFT Studios provides branding, consulting, design, interactive, marketing, mobile content, photography and video services. Founded by Isaac Hinds, LIFT is located in Denver, Colorado, with an emphasis on Sports, Fitness & Health-related clients. LIFT currently works with the top competitors in the bodybuilding, fitness and figure world. Adela Garcia, Monica Brant, Oksana Grishina, Dina Al-Sabah and Phil Heath to name a few. Isaac’s photographs have appeared in IRONMAN, FLEX, Planet Muscle, NPC NEWS, Oxygen and many other publications.

Media Contact:
Isaac Hinds
Ph: 303.908.3998 or