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2012 Los Angeles Fit Expo Pictures

With more than 30,000 people attending the 2013 Los Angeles Fit Expo, here are a few of the expo pics that were taken by Ron Avidan during the weekend of February 19-20th, which occurred at the L.A. Convention. Check it out!

2013 NPC Ironman Naturally Pictures

The first NPC contest of the season was held at the Los Angeles Fit Expo on January 19th. Here are the pics from the contest, set at the Los Angeles Convention Center, promoted and emceed by Lonnie Teper.

2012 IFBB New York Pro Pictures

Over 2,000 pictures from the 2012 IFBB New York Pro, taken by Ron Avidan, including competitor meetings, misc pics, prejudging and finals. Check out six of the toughest IFBB contests of the year.

Lionel Brown – One week out from the Flex Pro

At the 2012 NPC Gold Contest contest in San Diego, Lionel Brown guest posed, one week out from the Flex Pro Bodybuilding Contest (which is next Saturday). Here are some pics of Lionel on stage, much heavier and more muscular than he has been.

Steve Kuclo guest posing at Metroflex Gym Long Beach

Saturday, December 10th – IFBB Pro Steve Kuclo flew out from Texas to come and support Metroflex Gym in their first annual Holiday Bash, with donations and toys going to the Marine Corps of Kids and the Family Crisis Center. Since turning pro at the 2011 NPC USAs, Steve has had a whirlwind year. Here is is, at 290 pounds offseason, guest posing.

2011 NPC Excalibur Contest – Pictures

The 2011 NPC Excalibur contest was one of the biggest ever in terms of competitors and audience in Southern California, with close to 300 competitors dieting down before the holidays to compete. Held at the Veterans Auditorium in Culver City, here are Ron Avidan’s pictures from the last NPC contest of the year.

2011 NPC Los Angeles – Pictures

The 2011 NPC Los Angeles is Culver City, California, was a great contest, with some previews of competitors who will be competing at the NPC USAs. Here are the pics from the contest, taken by Ron Avidan.

[ Men’s Open Photos ]
[ Men’s Physique Photos ]
[ Bikini Photos ]
[ Figure Photos ]
[ Women’s Photos ]
[ Misc Photos ]
[ Misc – USA Preview Photos ]

2011 NPC Colorado State – Pictures

The 2011 NPC Colorado State, in Denver, Colorado, was an incredible contest, with a sold out night audience and standing room only. Two weeks before the NPC USAs, some of Colorado’s best competitors took the stage to present their physiques. Here are the pics.

[ Men’s Photos ]
[ Men’s Physique Photos ]
[ Bikini Photos ]
[ Figure Photos ]
[ Fitness Photos ]
[ Women’s Photos ]
[ Misc Photos ]
[ Camp HARDBODY.COM Photos ]

IFBB / NPC Bodybuilding Pictures

We are fortunate enough to partner with in taking a ton of pictures from various IFBB and NPC contests from around the season. You can check out some of the pics from the IFBB British Grand Prix, Australian Grand Prix, Arnold Classic, Flex Pro, and many others in the Picture page, which links them up.

To see the latest pics, click below Picture Area

Flex Pro & Bikini Search Pictures

Over 1,500 pictures from the 2011 Flex Pro and Flex Model Bikini Search from Santa Monica, California taken by Ron Avidan, at and on the web site.  Here are the links to your favorite pics.

IFBB Flex Pro Bodybuilding Pics
Flex Pro Athlete Meeting Pics
Flex Pro Men’s Prejudging Bodybuilding Pics
Flex Pro Men’s Finals Bodybuilding Pics
Flex L.A. Bikini Model Search Pics
Flex Pro Backstage and Misc Pics

2011 Vitrix Model Team – Getbig Approved

The 2011 Vitrix Model Team is searching for a new model – ok, one cute sultry Vitrix Vixen who can spice up the pages of the Vitrix Model Team, and have a chance to join the six current Vitrix Models. Here is your chance to vote on which model you would like to see more of, at the link below:

Vitrix Model Search Contestants
Please Vote

As many Getbigger’s already know, the pictures on the site are quite sexy, and borderline provacative that keeps bringing the men back to check it out. All to keep bringing attention to Vitrix, Nutrex’s male libido and performance enhancer.

So go ahead, and enjoy the pics of Cat Holland, Danny J, Erica Fruest, Larrisa Reis, Prudence Moe, Elena Machin, and sometimes Ana Tigre.

2010 NPC Excalibur Results and Pics

One of the most incredible contests in Southern California, and also the last of the 2010 season, the NPC Excalibur featured over 280 competitors. Here are the results and pictures from the event.

2010 NPC Excalibur Men’s Bodybuilding Results
2010 NPC Excalibur Figure Results
2010 NPC Excalibur Women’s Bodybuilding Results
2010 NPC Excalibur Bikini Results

Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Men’s Bodybuilding
Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Bikini
Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Figure
Pics – 2010 NPC Excalibur Women’s Bodybuilding
Pics – Misc Pics from the NPC Excalibur

2010 NPC Nationals – Pictures

The 2010 NPC Nationals Pictures will be at the link below, including check in’s, weigh in’s, seminars, and lots of pics from the contest. Here is the link, from

2010 NPC Nationals Pics

2010 Olympia Pictures

Pictures from around the 2010 Olympia – will be updated as new events unfold.

Here is the link to check them all out, taken by Isaac Hinds and Ron Avidan

2010 Olympia Picture Galleries

Also, for the latest Twitter tweets at the happenings, updates and results, click below

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2010 Europa Super Show Dallas – Prejudging

After prejudging was over, it looks likes in the Men’s Open, Essa Obiad, Cedrick McMillan and Bill Wilmore are in the lead for the top three spots.

For the Men’s Bodybuilding 202lbs and Under, Seth Feroce, Tricky Jackson and Joraslav Horvath look like the top three competitors.

Tune in tomorrow afternoon to see the final results.