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IFBB Phoenix Pro – Dan Hill gets a cake

One day after the IFBB Phoenix Pro, Dan Hill was at the Fitness Factory in Arizona at a photoshoot. It was his actual birthday, turning 24, and we surprised him with a cake. Needless to say, Dan was very surprised!

Song of the Day – I Got A Feeling Parody

Gotta love this song – this is the best parody of the Black Eyed Peas song that I have heard. And for those of you looking to party after the Arnold Classic contests, be careful you don’t end up like this guy did.

Bodybuilders on Conan O’Brien

Did you happen to catch Conan O’Brien the other night? Conan brought on a few bodybuilders during is opening bit. The oiled up fellas come in at about the 9 minute mark. Anyone recognize who these guys are? One guy kinda looks like our forum visitor “BLOCKHEAD”.

Steve Kuclo 3 Weeks out from Nationals

Video footage of NPC competitor, Steve Kuclo working out three weeks before the NPC Nationals. Can he win the super-heavies?

Johnnie Jackson: Not Gunna Sing We’re Gunna Bring It

Muscletech‘s Johnnie Jackson says Ben White “has no idea what he started”. This is getting interesting.

Who do you think will prove to be stronger next week in Las Vegas…Johnnie Jackson or Ben White?

The Return of Ruhl

Marcus Ruhl has posted a video of himself 7 weeks out from the NY Pro. He claims he is at 300lbs in the clip. One thing is for certain he is a straight up freaky bodybuilder.

Marcus is currently sponsored by Ultimate Nutrition.