IFBB's Beliefs

These are the IFBB's beliefs of their organization. Ben Weider, C.M., Ph.D. is the International President. Ben Wieder and Joe Weider were co-founders of the IFBB.

  • We believe in total physical fitness, mental as well as physical, and are convinced that the best citizens are produced by educating the whole man.

  • We believe that total physical fitness can best be obtained through good health habits, adequate nutrition and planned systematic physical exercise.

  • We believe that sports and games of all kinds can contribute greatly to the total fitness of those who participate. Especially important is the vigorous training which precedes successful participation.

  • We believe in the use of modern, scientific methods of training to produce the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

  • We believe in total fitness for all, but are convinced that properly supervised competitive athletic activities have an important place in our society.

  • We believe that our athletes should be given every opportunity to develop their potential to the limit, not only for personal satisfaction and national prestige, but also to serve as stirring examples to others.

  • We believe that with increasing automation the need for exercise becomes steadily greater and the role of the coach and physical educator even more important.

  • We believe that progressive resistance exercise involving gradually increasing work-loads is absolutely essential for the development of muscular growth.

  • We believe that a vigorous 'strength building' and 'endurance building' program is necessary to increase the efficiency of the cardio vascular system and hence improve overall physical fitness.

  • We believe that only through regular, planned, purposeful practice is it possible to develop a high degree of neuro muscular skill.

  • We believe in the development of a well-muscled, symmetrical physique along with all of the attributes mentioned above, not only to achieve success on the athletic field but also to enable the individual to meet the varying demands of everyday life.

  • In sport, there are no limitations, no barriers of race, religion, politics or culture. In sport, we are in touch with each other.