Glossary of
Equipment / Accessories Companies
By Ron Avidan

This list features different equipment and accessories companies. The Glossary is always updated whenever possible.

  1. Arm Blaster
    The Arm Blaster maximizes your bicep and tricep workouts by providing maximum stability and isolation!

  2. All in One Fitness
    Progrip is the premiere device for development of the hands, wrists and forearms. These areas are not usually focused upon during Bodybuilding, and usually neglected. Improving grip strength is our foremost concern for bodybuilders, as it will allow the builder to have better control over weights and also be able to fully utilize the strength of other muscle groups.

  3. Grip Stik Forearm Developer
    Gripstik strengthens hands, wrists, forearms, and upper arms, Improves wrist stability and holding power.

  4. Grizzly Fitness Accessories
    They have Power Claws, Gloves, Belts, etc.

  5. Modern Body Designs
    Featuring the AB OrigiOnals

  6. Manta Ray Advance Fitness
    A Squat helper that snaps on the bar.

  7. MWD Wrist Supports
    They handmake every wrist support and guarantee it...

  8. New Grip
    World's Best Workout Glove... More power and strength... more sore hands or calluses...

  9. Pro Wrist Wraps
    The Pro Series Wrist Straps are made as they are ordered and not mass produced!

  10. Raw Power Fitness
    We constantly strive to create new, innovative products for the bodybuilding, exercise, and fitness enthusiast, and Raw Power products are recognized by consumers worldwide as among the finest available. Our products are used by certified trainers as well as popular, well known strength and bodybuilding competitors across the globe.

  11. Shoulder Horn
    you have shoulder pain? Do you have rotator cuff problems? Then the ShoulderHorn can help you!