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April 2001

The underground source for the ultra hard-core bodybuilder who wants to put on as much muscle as possible. On the cover is Aaron Maddron.

April 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #2


  • Anabolic Insider. There are many athletes looking for an edge or advantage in their quest to build as much muscle as possible. Our mission is and will be to keep you in the 'inner circle' on all of the tightest steroid and steroid alternative info we can find.

  • Paul Borresen: Dead At Age 38! Special Candid Interview With Paul's Wife Carole. Paul was working on the latest issue of his magazine, the Governor, and had just finished his new book 'Anabolic Edge 2001'. On January 30, 2001, he passed away while working at home late into the evening. Paul is survived by his wife Carole and children Kayne and Sophie.

  • Eating for High Energy and Explosive Performance: What you need to eat and drink for a great performance.

  • Fake Winstrol & Deca Scams Exposed! The Proliferation Of The Internet Has Spawned A Ton Of New Scam Tactics. Including Fake Winstrol Tabs; Denkall Going the Distance; and more.

  • Taboo Technology! Underground Website Reveals Amazing New Steroid Tactics!

    Hard-Core Insider Q&A! France's Most Popular Legal Veterinary Compound Now Available In The U.S. Also, new 'Contest Cutting' cycle helps serious bodybuilders get shredded just in time for summer. And more.

  • Jeff Summers. 'Roid Boy Jeff Summers Proves Once And For All The Gap Between Drugs And Legal Compounds Is Closing!

  • Fresh Gear! Anabolic Insider's Voice on New Gear. Now You Can Discover A New Super Equipoise This One's Really Cool...If you Can Get Some!