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January/February 2002

The underground source for the ultra hard-core bodybuilder who wants to put on as much muscle as possible, including discussions of steroids.

January/February 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #6


  • Anabolic Insider
    How the events of September 11th has affected the steroid market? It is best to go domestic for now! Also, Rumor Central, including the author of Anabolics 2000, the steroid book actually is not a chemist and is 5'8" tall; new 6mg Winstrol is out; new bodybuilding movie 'No Pain, No Gain' and more.

  • Fakes and Scams
    This month I am going to discuss why steroid suppliers make fake steroids. Black market sales of steroids are estimated around $600 million in 2000.

  • Legal Testosterone Ether
    Since the introduction of prohormones a few years back, nothing but controversy has surrounded these enigmatic group of supplements. Here, scientists discover legal testosterone ether.

  • Drug Profile
    Clomid. Chemical name Clomiphene Citrate. Clomid is actually used by women to stimulate ovulation. For bodybuilders, Clomid is blocked from being able to attach itself to estrogen receptors, while also stimulating testosterone production that has been subjugated by injecting.

  • Muscle Blasting from Ryan
    We deal with serious products and serious goals that get long term results.

  • Training Q&A
    Questions Including Rear Delts, a problem area; Hit the Wall, Maxed out on the bench; Rapid Fire produced rapid results, and more.

  • Hard Core Insider Q&A
    Questions include paper anabolics; Omnadren 250mg; Humatrope with 5ml of sterile water; Sustanon 250; Is it possible to make it across the airports with juice in your luggage; Kynoselen info; Do steroids shrink your dick; Does Testdren-ADP; any problems with CPK muscle enzyme, and more.

  • Fresh Gear
    This is a must have for all steroid enthusiasts or collectors. Including Winny-V capsules; Meladinina, Trisoralen, and Creablast SLC.

  • Anabolics Discussion
    The discussion boards on the internet provide places to openly discuss taboo subjects with their peers around the world. Here is a synopsis of some of the writings.