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August 2000

Club Industry Magazine is the magazine that you need to have if you own a gym or fitness club. It provides essential information to many items needed to keep a club up to its maximum potential. It also provides articles and tips to expand your knowledge into making sure that you have the best gym or fitness club in the industry.

August 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 16, Number 9


  • The War on Obesity
    Flexing Political Muscle. Here are some tips on how to lobby to make politicians aware of the dangers of obesity - and what they can do to help win the war.

  • Breaking the Law?
    With so many rules and regulations to follow, club operators may be acting illegally without even realizing it. Protect yourself by reading this article.

  • Lock in Memberships
    A pristine locker room with affordable amenities can improve everything from retention to the sale of new memberships. So take these tips on how to clean up your changing area.

Focus On

  • Focus on Personal Training
    Training for trainers What do charge for personal training?

  • Focus on Physical Plant
    Part three in a series on ideal club design.

  • Focus on Sales / Marketing
    Profiting from member referrals.

  • Focus on Retention
    A year's worth of retention programming.


  • Letter from the Editor
    What Guys Want (No Surprise Here) by Jerry Janda.

  • Industry Outlook
    Australian Body Works acquired: What's next for DeLeede?

  • Literature Showcase

  • Ad Index

  • Management Notebook
    Profiting from tanning' and Tanning Marketing.

  • Casey Conrad's Marketing Tutorial
    The perfect web site: Satisfying members, drawing new ones.

  • New Products & Services Review
    Products for the Pro Shop.

  • Calendar

  • Classifieds

  • Expert Page
    Affordable benefits packages for club employees.