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April 2001

Club Industry Magazine is the magazine that you need to have if you own a gym or fitness club. It provides essential information to many items needed to keep a club up to its maximum potential. It also provides articles and tips to expand your knowledge into making sure that you have the best gym or fitness club in the industry.

April 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 17, Number 4


  • Eye Candy
    Sex sells and fitness clubs have been using it in their advertising for years - with marketing campaigns that predominantly feature young hard bodies. But does anyone really buy that image anymore?

  • Their Loss, your Gain
    So your cloest competitor is going belly up. How do you (ethically) feast on his failure?

  • Fire Power
    Imagine a marketing compaign that can increase membership, improve community outreach and help save lives. The target? Firefighters.

Focus On

  • Focus on Technology
    IHRSA 2001 show review.

  • Focus on Sales / Marketing
    Juicy tips and ideas.

  • Focus on Retention
    Meeting the needs of senior citizens

  • Focus on Programming
    Mother's Day and Father's Day can give your club a boost.

  • Focus on the Internet
    From techno-slow to techno-savvy.


  • Letter from the Editor

  • Industry Outlook
    Club One speeds up in an economic slowdown.

  • Casey Conrad's Marketing Tutorial
    Osteoporosis programming

  • Fitness Exchanges

  • Management Notebook
    Supplemental reading; spring cleaning

  • Ad Index

  • New products & Services Review
    Entertainment systems

  • Literature Showcase

  • Classifieds

  • Calendar / Web Finder

  • Community Builders