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June 2002

Club Industry Magazine is the magazine that you need to have if you own a gym or fitness club. It provides essential information to many items needed to keep a club up to its maximum potential. It also provides articles and tips to expand your knowledge into making sure that you have the best gym or fitness club in the industry.

June 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 18, Number 6


  • Demographic Design
    Learn how to cater your club's design to your client demographics.

  • It's ShowTime
    All eyes turn to the East as the Club Industry East trade show takes off in Washington D.C.

  • Go Pro
    Running your pro shop like a pro.

Focus On

  • Sales Marketing
    Club tours that motivate.

  • Retention
    The missing link in member retention.

  • Programming
    Incentives that bring out the best in your group exercise instructors.

  • Personal Training
    The makings of a personal training manager.


  • First Word
    Looks can be deceiving.

  • Talk Back

  • Industry Observer
    The club industry is growing globally.

  • Club Industry Exchange
    Michael Finkleman, Managing Director, BNP Parabas

  • Casey Conrad's Marketing Matters
    The children's market

  • Community Builders

  • Management Notebook
    Paying attention to the competition; Building a better budget.

  • New Products and Services Review
    Spa products

  • Calendar

  • Web Finders

  • Classifieds

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