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Double XL Magazine
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Spring 2004

Double XL Magazine features various bodybuilding and fitness and figure models, and has various sections in it, including a nightlife section, a fasion section, and other interesting pages of interest. On the cover is Christina Lindley.

Spring 2004 - Table of Contents
Issue #2

Various Features

  • Ask the Fitness Model
    Christina Lindley answers some of your questions.

  • The Doctor is in the House
    Mauro DiPisquale answers some of your questions.

  • Double XL Retailer of the Month
    Troy and Erin Gabrielle, owners of Fitness Fanatics in Brandon, MB.

  • The Anabolic Effects of Insulin
    Isulin is only part of the anabolic / anti-catabolic puzzle.

  • Feeding Frenzy
    Packing on the pounds without the fat, by John M. Berardi.

  • Christina Lindley
    The sexy 22 year old actress and bikini, fitness, glamour and spokesmodel, is this issue's Double XL Babe of the Month.

  • Chemical of the Month: Oxymetholone
    Also called Anadrol 50, manufactured by Planet Pharmacy. It was originally produced by Syntex in the US under the trade name Anadrol. It has the reputation of being very potent causing drastic size and strength gains. Also has side effects.

  • The Next Big Thing
    NOS should prove useful or a wide variety of people with vascular constrictive disorders, not to mention giving you mind blowing pumps in the gym and turning you into Superman in the bedroom.

  • Ab Sculpting
    with Kike Gutierrez. Your abs should be worked like any other muscle, in that they need time to grow.