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April 2001

Flex Magazine considers themselves the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. Each month, Flex visits and speaks with the champions of bodybuilding at their gyms, at contests, and at their homes, gathering information and photographs, Flex brings you their latest strategies, and the competitive goals that they apply to further develop their title-winning physiques. Flex is the official magazine of the IFBB Bodybuilding Federation. On the cover is Kevin Levrone. In the inset is Mandy Blank, and Arnold Schwarzenneger.

April 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 19, Number 2

Special Section

  • The Flex Gun Club
    Take aim with this program and blow people away with biceps the size of howitzers. By Team Flex


  • Back Beyond
    How Mr. Olympia's back program can work for you, by Ronnie Coleman

  • The Brain Train
    Strengthen your mind muscle connection to improve your workout. By Greg Merritt

  • 2001: A Size Odyssey: Rested Development
    Recuperation is a key, yet often misunderstood, element in the muscle - building process. By Team Flex

  • H.U.G.E.: Hardgainer's Ultimate Growth Enhancement System
    Markus Shrugged - The German Beast shows you why the shrug is the king of trap peaking exercises. By Markus Ruhl.

  • Slice and Dice Thrice
    Split your abdominals into three sections and you will enjoy fast results. By Vickie Gates.

  • Blood and Cuts
    A graphic exposition of blood volume training - slurp it up and pump until you pop. By Craig Titus


  • The Inaugural Flexy Awards
    Flex honors Hollywood's top bods.

  • The Flex Interview
    Knocking on Heaven's Door. Going deep, deep, deep undercover to solve the number one stumper in bodybuilding: Who is the real Kevin Leverone?

  • The Big Picture
    The Mandy Blank File


  • Malaysian Musclefest
    A legion of iron warriors storm the city of Malacca in pursuit of glory at the 54th IFBB Men's World Amateur Championships.

Performance Science

  • Advanced Nutrition
    The inside stuff on protein intake and calcium absorption; red hot peppers as thermogenics; zinc supplementation and postworkout recovery; guggulsterones and fat loss; and the latest research on bodybuilding nutrition.

  • Tear It Up
    Do you want to get shredded to the bone in a Hollywood minute? Use this 10 step plan for quick burning success.

  • Creatine: A 2001 User's Guide
    New scientific findings can help you get the most out of creatine - one of the best selling and most used supplements in the history of sports nutrition.

  • The Wright Stuff
    Casein and whey each offer benefits, so add them to your nutritional regimen.

Pictorials . Posters

  • The Flex Gun Club
    Total Body Program.

  • The Flex Gun Club
    Arnold Schwarzenegger


  • All Our Yesterdays
  • Ask Ms. Olympia
  • Ask Mr. Olympia
  • Factoids
  • Flextra
  • Future Flex
  • Hard Times
  • IFBB World Report
  • NPC Report / Coming Events
  • Publisher's Page
  • Reader's Market
  • Reflexions
  • Street Scene
  • Talent Roundup
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