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September 2001

Flex Magazine considers themselves the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. Each month, Flex visits and speaks with the champions of bodybuilding at their gyms, at contests, and at their homes, gathering information and photographs, Flex brings you their latest strategies, and the competitive goals that they apply to further develop their title-winning physiques. Flex is the official magazine of the IFBB Bodybuilding Federation. On the cover is Chris Cormier. In the insets are Marion Jones and Mike Mentzer.

Jeptember 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 19, Number 7


  • The Kick Add Start Program
    An eight week training and diet plan to put you on the road to bigness.

  • Second's Out
    A blow by blow account of how this pugilist bodybuilder plans to duke it out with Ronnie Coleman for the Mr. Olympia title. By Chris Cormier.

  • 2001: A Size Odyssey
    Intensify to Density. The yearlong Flex size odyssey continues with these Weider Training Principles to accelerate your muscle gains.

  • H.U.G.E.
    Hardgainer's Ultimate Growth Enhancement systems - Smith Machine Smarts. Use this massive rack to rack up massive gains By Flavio Baccianini.

  • Rear Window of Opportunity
    How to build a better back in six weeks. By Yaz Boyum.

  • My Come From Behind Delts
    How Mr. Olympia's shoulder program can work for you. By Ronnie Coleman.


  • Double Mentzer Tragedy
    Deaths of Mike and Ray Mentzer shock the bodybuilding world.

  • The Mike Mentzer Story
    The compelling saga of Mike Mentzer, a legendary figure who took a rollercoaster ride through the often turbulent world of bodybuilding.

  • A Jones For Bodybuilding
    Marion Jones, the world's top female athlete explains her love of bodybuilding in a FLEX exclusive.

  • The Big Picture
    The Susie Curry File.

  • Mass Market
    Gunter Schlierkamp teams up with Wal Mart.


  • Springtime for Orville
    Brooklyn's Burke is an unlikely Broadway hit in yet another wild Night of Champions.

Performance Science

  • Advanced Nutrition
    The latest research on bodybuilding nutrition.

  • Balancing Act
    Mix and match whole foods for max muscle gains.

  • Net Gains
    Expert answers to your nutrition queries.

  • Rubbing It In
    A closer look at the research on "fat reducing" tropical creams and gels.

  • Cooking with Iron Jay
    Nine tops from Jay Cutler on getting big and lean.

  • The Wright Stuff
    The latest research on pain medications and anti-inflammatories.

Pictorials / Posters

  • Caribbean Blood Brothers
    Jamaican giants Orville Burke and Ernie Taylor training with an accent on hardcore reps.

  • Chris Cormier

  • Mike Mentzer


  • All Our Yesterdays
  • Articulashawn
  • Ask Dorian
  • Chris: The Real Spiel
  • Factoids
  • Flex ;N; Femme
  • Future Flex
  • Give Pete A Chance
  • Hard Times
  • Hocus Focus
  • IFBB World Report
  • Nassertations
  • NPC Report / Coming Events
  • Publisher's Page
  • Reader's Market
  • Reflexions
  • Show Big Report
  • Street Scene
  • Talent Roundup
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