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March 2004

Since 1936, Ironman Magazine has been the magazine for bodybuilders. Each issue provides insights into bodybuilding, from nutrition, to lots of training info, to profiles on the men and women who make up the bodybuilding and fitness world. It also contains excellent pictures and information on almost anything you need. On the cover is Danielle Edwards and Christian Edwards.

March 2004 - Table of Contents
Volume 63, Number 3


  • Train, Eat, Grow 33
    The back to basics approach continues, with specialization thrown in for good measure. You'll find diets here too.

  • Combo Power
    It was an Arnold favorite in his heyday (no, npt psyching out opponents.) Greg Zulak discusses synergistic alternates and lays out get big routines for every bodypart.

  • N.O. To Grow
    Nitrox Oxide is a compound that can pump you up - in more places than one. You'll grow with it, guaranteed.

  • Only the Strong Shall Survive
    Bill Starr on forging freaky forearms.

  • Model T
    Clark Bartram and Mike' O Hearn turn up the testosterone during a gym rattling workout.

  • Research Team
    Macrobolic Nutirtion can get yo leaner and more muscular fast, even if you don't o cardio. The pros use it, and so should you.

  • Shocking Mass
    European researcher Michael Gundill explores neuromuscular training, soreness and how to trigger amazing size and strength gains.

  • Driven From Within
    Pete Siegel, R.H., gives you fuel to stoke your desire fire - mental methods champs use to reach critical mass.

  • Success Story
    How bodybuilding saved Pax Beale and brought him back from the dead - by Sophie Taggart, not Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Building The Ultimate Physique
    John Little outlines how to specialize for more size.

  • Heavy Duty
    Mike Mentzer on recovery as a factor in muscle building.

  • Legends of Bodybuilding
    David Youn talks with Danny Padilla about his past and future (a Masters Olympia shot?). Giant Killer training programs included, along with plenty of classic photos.

  • Hardbody
    Amber DeLuca will have you screaming 'Hallelujah'! Wow!

  • Arnold Classic Preview
    Lonnie Teper's got the goofs on the greatest body show on earth.


  • Train To Gain
    Buff cuff for better benching. HITing bodyfat and secrets to huge biceps. New sportsmedicine column is here too.

  • Eat To Grow
    The lean scene: a look at bodyfat testing. Plus, DHEA makes a comeback.

  • Crticial Mass
    Steve Holman on the once a week tweak for hardgainer beef.

  • Naturally Huge
    John Hansen's 100 pounds of muscle and building a bigger bench press.

  • Anabolic Drive
    Jose Antonio, Ph.D. tells you how to pump up with periodization.

  • Train with Zane
    The former Mr. O reveals the exercise stack that packed his back.

  • News & Views
    The contest season is about to begin, and Lonnie Teper and Ruth Silverman have loads of hot stuff on all the big names. And speaking of heat, Jerry Fredrick's Hot Shots are here to fan the flames.

  • Bodybuilding Pharmacology
    Jerry Brainum's got new research on GH and the anabolic chase as well as other tidbits on the anti-aging hormone.

  • Unchained
    Greg Zulak's training tips and ticks, part 2.

  • Mind / Body Connection
    Ironmind's Randall Strossen, Ph.D., discusses backing off vs. pouring it on. Plus, we have another wild quiz to test your brain (and funny bones).

  • Reader's Write
    Squat rot, Coleman's megamass and hyperbolic methods revealed.