Irony Magazine

January 2003

IRONY Magazine, since October 2000 has provided some of the most unique and top stories and photos of women who lift. Covering many of the major and state wide womens bodybuilding, strength, and fitness events. IRONY has also provided international news and coverage of the sport, as well as the people who make international lifting so popular.

January 2003 - Table of Contents
Number 10


  • Kim Higley Interview
    A small interview with Kim Higley, by Pauliina Talus.

  • Real Women Do Play Football
    The Jacksonville Dixie Blues is a women's football team, with team uniforms and more.

  • Eggs: Good Nutrition, Affordable Price
    From the kitchen of Susan Crawford, recipes include Dieter's Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Tortillas, and more.

  • Musclemag Store Visit in Ohio
    Laura Mak and Jen Hendershott were guest at the Musclemag stores annual 'Holiday Sale and Celebration'.

  • Time Management
    With Julie Palmer. How do you do it all? When do you find time to get to the gym or practice your routines? How do you still manage to work?

  • Irony Magazine Story
    As told by the owners, Kathy Connors and Cindy Leister. I dreamed of a magazine that would tell women' how it is' from training to what supplements to use, what's safe for women and what we should avoid. Cindy spent hours researching and found Kathy. Kathy helped out, then went a step further and offered financial assistance with marketing experience to help keep us alive. We have partnered since and work together on every issue.

  • Photo Gallery from the USA Contest 2002
    A few pictures from the show.

  • Mature Fitness
    I have realized just how many women there are out there over 40 who are still competing and the number of women out there who have just now decided to compete after they had turned 40. By Kathy Connors.

  • Bromocriptine
    Lyle McDonald has a long and explicit dissertation on Bromocriptine mesylate, most commonly found under the brand names of Parlodel and Ergoset.

  • The Other Eating Disorder
    Orthorexia Nervosa, Part 1 or a 2 part series. The individuals associated their eating habits with achieving the perfect physique.

  • Pre Contest Training For Figure Competitors
    Which federation should you compete in for figure, between the NABBA, National Amateur Bodybuilding Association, or the NPC. By Amber DeLuca.

  • Around the Town With the Muscle Bound
    Various news around. Including the sale of Weider Publications, new female bodybuilders with videos out, lifting up a Ford Focus, and more.

  • Back Training with Beth Roberts
    The human back is made up of 4 major muscle groups that work together to extend the torso.

  • Biceps with Alison Bookless
    People always want me to flex my bicep for a picture. Here are some exercises that I do. .