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October 2000

Max Muscle has over 93 stores around the world and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world. On the cover is Rachel Moore and Christian Boeving.

October 2000 Table of Contents
Issue #24


  • Battledome's Commander Christian Boeving
    We talk about Christian Boeving, and his workouts and profile.

  • Behind the Scenes at the USA
    Pictures and story at the NPC USA Bodybuilding and Fitness show.

  • Sets and Reps with David Hughes
    Oregon bodybuilding sensation David Hughes has a tough balancing act. Sets include Machine Tricep Dips, Seated One Arm Overhead Extension and Rope Pressdowns.

  • Balanced Shoulders with Monica Brant
    To create a truly balanced physique, you are going to have to use free weights. Pictures include Handstand Pushups, Pushups. Side (or Lateral) Raises, and Bent Over Curl Bar Row.

  • NPC Ironman 'Redondo Beach'
    Results of the contest held in Redondo Beach, California

  • What works for Baldness
    Balding is overwhelmingly a cosmetic concern and not a medical emergency.

  • Ken Shamrock Returns
    Profile on Ken Shamrock, including his weight training, and him leaving the WWF.

  • Pete Siegel Driven by Positive Expectancy
    Ask most people who they are doing, and frequently you hear responses such as 'I am doing ok, I guess, but such and such is wrong, etc'.

  • The Body Gourment
    Jim Shiebler talks about how to make a lean beef burger on a whole wheat bun with low fat mozzarella, tomato, mushroom, basil barbecue sauce and sweet potato fries.

  • Not All Carbs Area Equal
    Americans continue to get fatter with each passing year. The fact is eating fat does not make you fat, and eating complex carbohydrates in abundance, does not help many people to become lean.

  • Lower Body Stretches
    6 Stretches that really work!, including Hamstring, Inner Thigh, Quads, Butterfly Stretch, and Calves.

  • Diet Tips
    12 diet tips from women who have conquered their weight.

  • Amazing MaxFormation Results
    Winners include Michael Derry, Veronica Derry, Cheryl Kalil, Odessa Oda, Kerry Lauer, and Bryon Horn.


  • Publishers Point
    Believe in yourself. Anything imagined can be achieved! By Joe Wells.

  • Presidents Page
    If you use protein powder, you have to read this! By Sean Greene.

  • Max Overhead
    Behind the Scenes with Craig Titus. Craig talks about Max Muscle Venice, Lee & Cathy Priest, Dennis & Judy Newman, Chad Ullery, Paul Dillett, and much more.

  • Clark Bartram
    How Old Are You Really?

  • New Products
    New and different product for your info.

  • Supplement Overview
    Triple Fusion

  • Ask Dr. Nick
    Learning to be an Optimist.

  • Bill Robertson
    Motivation. Why?

  • Max Mania
    Including Grand Openings in Brazil.