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January 2001

Max Muscle has over 80 stores in the United States and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world. On the cover is Jeff Garcia, Professional Football Quarterback.

January 2001 Table of Contents
Issue #27


  • Marcus Buff Bagwell and Julie Shipley

  • Inside Look: Jeff Garcia
    The Man, the Moivation, The Drive, the 49ers quarterback.

  • Bodybuilding: Shredded Shoulders with Joe Retano
    The owner of the Max Muscle New Hambshire store shows us a workout.

  • Bodybuilding: Shapely Shoulders with Nicole Rollalaro
    Fitness America's 2000 Winner!

  • Fitness American Pageant 2000
    Contest coverage and more…

  • Sports and Performance Drinks
    Can sports drinks plau a big part in your quest for fitness, strength, muscular size, endurance and fat loss. Absolutely.

  • Clart Bartram Speaks Out
    Stick with the Basics! How are you doing in the three basic areas of fitness!

  • Peformance Conditioning: Vigorous Volleyball
    Training with Olympian Holly McPeak.

  • Health & Nutrition
    11 Myths About Nutrition.

  • Strength & Endurance: Hitting the Ski Slopes
    Make sure you are ready, with physical preparation, lower body conditioning, plyometric exercises, upper body conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and nutrient support.

  • Foods & Moods
    The truth is, foods can act like powerful drugs that (if used correctly) can actually pick you up when you are down or calm you down when you are hyper…


  • Publishers Point
    With Joe Wells. Resolution 2001

  • President''s Page
    With Sean Greene. December's Maxformations Winners.

  • Behind the Scenes… Max Overheard
    By Craig Titus. News and gossip from the bodybuilding and fitness world.

  • New Products
    News products introduced this month.

  • Health & Nutrition
    With Jim Shiebler 'The Body Gourmet', including Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Stir Fry.

  • Max Mania Beef & Beauty Buzz
    It seems like every time you look into a popular bodybuilding magazine, you see a top pro wearing Max Muscle.

  • Ask Dr. Nick
    Looking good and feeling good. Winning at the scale.