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October 2002

Max Muscle has over 95 stores around the world and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world. On the cover is Timea Majorova.

October 2002 Table of Contents
Issue #47


  • Mr. California 2002
    Grigori Atoyan redefines intense chest training in this month's feature workout.

  • Monica Brant
    We catch up with Monica and her new career as a fitness promoter.

  • Prohormones
    Prohormones expert Patrick Arnold breaks down the science behind prohormones.

    Complete coverage of the 2002 from Las Vegas. Big Idrise 'Wards' off the competition.


  • President's Page
    To the Point, by Sean Greene.

  • Reader Forum

  • Beef and Beauty Buzz
    Check out the girls of Prolab, and other stories.

  • Top 5
    The sexiest women in fitness, including Monica Brant, Timea Majorova, Elaine Goodlad, Mona Beaulieu, and Amy Fadhli.

  • Experts On
    Our panel of experts answers your questions on sports nutrition, including Stronger ankles, shoulder problems, low down on supplements, protein for lean muscle gains, and prohormones side effects.

  • Ask Joe
    Max Muscle CEO Joe Wells answers nutrition and training questions.

  • Hot On The Market
    The newest products in sports nutrition.

  • Maxformation Winner
    April Nairn's Maxformation. Other winner's include Stacy Kincy, Shawn Gover, Zobir Jahangiri, Jennifer Bent, and Kathleen Miller.