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January 2003

Max Muscle has over 95 stores around the world and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world.

January 2003 Table of Contents
Issue #50


  • Thermogenics
    The truth behind ephedrine. Ephedrine is safe. Aspirin causes more injuries than ephedrine.

  • Swimsuit
    We wish they all could be California girls! Including Tiffany Richardson, Brandi Greenfield, Neriah Davis, and Raquel Maldanado, .

  • Olympia
    Coleman makes it five! But Levrone is the best in the evening! Report and pictures.


  • Perspective
    Max is back, celebrating 50 issues! By Sean Greene.

  • Advisory Board
    Including Dr. Lester Lee, Chris Lockwood, Karlis Conrad Ullis, Charles Poliquin, Wayne S. DeMilia, Ron Higuera and Alan E. Shugarman.

  • Beef & Beauty Buzz
    Compiled by Ron Avidan, pictures from behind the scenes at the Olympia, and from the Olympia After Party.

  • MaxFormation Winners
    Winners include Zobir Jahangiri, April Nairn, Tim McLaughlin and Robin Petsick. Honorable mentions include Dahli Gardner, Mark Beecham, Helen Carey, Howard Managan, Gus Walker, Dean Adams, and Melissa Foster.

  • Experts On
    Our experts answer all of your supplement and nutritional questions, including Stop Harmful Bacteria, Check Your Body Fat, Meal Replacements without Fillers; Weight Gainers without Fat, Significant Health Benefit from Fish Oils, and Control Your Appetite.

  • Training 101
    Gaining Weight on a Budget. As far as whey protein is concerned, Max Muscle stores sell large containers of whey protein at very affordable prices.

  • Hot Product
    Various products that are new to the market.

  • Hardcore Training
    Insane Tricep Blast.

  • Q&A
    With Joe Gold, the fitness icon.

  • IFBB News
    Wayne DeMilia talks about the IFBB pro division on the move.