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April 2003

Max Muscle has over 95 stores around the world and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world. On the cover is Julie Shipley-Childs.

April 2003 Table of Contents
Issue #53


  • Joint Pain
    The Battle Against Joint Pain

  • Shapely Shipley
    Former NFL cheerleader, fitness champion and Sports Illustrated model Julie Shipley-Childs reveals how fitness saved her life.


  • Perspective
    Too good to be true.

  • Advisory Board
    Including Dr. Lester Lee, Wayne DeMelia, Charles Poliquin, Alan Shugarman, Monica Brant, Karlis Conrad, Ron Higuera, and Chris Lockwood.

  • Ask Joe
    Can you give me some protein shake recipes, and more.

  • Beef & Beauty Buzz
    Including Iron Jay wins the Ironman, and more. Compiled by Ron Avidan.

  • Maxformation Grand Prize Winners
    Inlcuding April NairnZobir Jahangiri, Robin Petsick and Tim McLaghlin.

  • Cool Stuff
    The Forearm Blaster

  • Experts On
    Our experts answer all of your supplement and nutritional questions.

  • Hot Products
    Various items that are of interest.