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June 2003

Max Muscle has over 95 stores around the world and this is their successful small publication, given to Max Muscle shoppers. It contains misc information on contests, news, and the happenings in the Max Muscle bodybuilding and fitness world. On the cover is Rachel Moore.

June 2003 Table of Contents
Issue #55


  • Radiant Rachel
    The perfect woman. Rachel Moore is one of those faces that you simply cannot forget.

  • Tim McLaughlin
    Maxformation Winner. Tim never thought that he would ever face a weight problem.

  • 10 Supplements for a Hotter Summer
    So you want to get in shape for those hot summer days and nights. Here is a list, including MRPs, Protein powder, Ephedrine, Bitter Orange, Carb Blockers, Fat Blockers, CLA, Guggulsterones, Great Tea, Forskolin.

  • Maximum Flex
    In the early years of his pro career, Wheeler's public countenance was unsettling, intimidating.


  • Perspective
    Summer's Here! Welcome to our special summer issue!

  • Advisory Board
    Including Dr. Lester less, Wayne S. DeMilia, Alan E. Sugarman, Karlis Conrad, Chris Lockwood, Ron Higuera, Monica Brant.

  • Ask Joe
    Get Obsessed! One of the best ways to get obsessed is to visualize the new you.

  • Max Girl
    Natalie Hunt

  • Beef & Beauty Buzz
    Including Tom Prince Shocker, Terrific Torrie, Shawn Ray Gets Married, House of Pain or Pleasure, and more.

  • Max Muscle 2003 Clothing Collections
    Pictures and styles from the catalog.

  • Experts On
    Including what is glutamine peptides, and how is it different than free form L-Glutamine; What are all those new Nitric Oxide products and how do they work; Are there advantages to using multi source proteins instead of single source proteins; Are multi-vitamin mineral supplement necessary and more.

  • Cool Stuff
    Rist-Lok the ultimate wrist support system.

  • Max Q&A
    Answers from the front line of nutrition, with Max Muscle store owner Lance Tomlinson, who owns two stores, and has excelled in his competitive bodybuilding career.