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October 2000

Men's Fitness is dedicated to the man who likes to stay in shape. It contains articles on training, health, nutrition, and sports related recreation. This magazine is for the man who keeps in shape and likes Cameron Bradford..

October 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 16, Number 10

Cover Story

  • Build A New You
    Our new Personal Trainer series will help you construct the body of your dream.


  • City Run
    Cool weather and a kaleidoscope of color make autumn the best season for running.

  • Vanity Fare: Sax Vine
    Before you go on your next big date, check out these 10 goods that will improve your appeal.

  • The Happy Traveler's Handbook
    How to save your dream trip from a host of travel nightmares.

  • What a Headache
    Nine out of 10 American men will suffer headaches this year. Surprise - exercise and sex are common culprits.

  • Look Fit in Leather
    Merging function with style.

  • Beyond Beer
    A baker's dozen essentials to stock every guy's refrigerator.

Personal Trainer

  • Body Shop
    Sure, your six pack looks great but can those abs take a hit?

  • Nutrition Science
    Spur muscle development with four supplements that work like magic.
  • Build A New You
    Learn to maintain and live comfortably within the frame it's taken you nearly a year to build.

  • High Octane Eating
    Keep your calories status quo as you enter the final stage of the program.


  • Web Zone
    Sifting through the cybermuck for the best Internet sites for the active lifestyle.

  • Health
    High blood pressure is a silent assassin. Here is what you can do to hear its warning cry.

  • Performance Nutrition
    Stamina for carbs: Understanding the Glycemix Index is key to maximizing energy.

  • Weird Gear
    The latest retail odds and ends - mostly odds - from the fitness marketplace.

  • Sex & Relationships
    If you want to really get her blood pumping, try going out on an adventure date.

  • Sports Pages
    Real men don't do yoga! They do if they want to improve their strength and flexibility.

  • Ask Our Experts
    Can some fat burning products alter the results of a drug test?

  • Success Story
    Replacing fried foods and cigarettes with a steady diet of mountain biking helped Philip Mazovec drop 80 pounds.

  • Health Update
    Migraine sufferers often go untreated. Plus: Circumcision may impede HIV, the link between alcohol and asthma, and much more…


  • Health Update
    The search for the new Viagra is on. Plus: how to treat groin injuries, the latest on HIV vaccine trials, the powers of pomegranate juice, and much more.

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