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February 2001

Men's Fitness is dedicated to the man who likes to stay in shape. It contains articles on training, health, nutrition, and sports related recreation. This magazine is for the man who keeps in shape and likes to read about fitness related adventures and articles. On the cover is Rusty Joiner.

February 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 17, Number 2

Cover Story

  • The Fat Loss Handbook
    No more excuses. No more "I'll start tomorrows. Twenty four pages of meal plans and workout tips arrive at one equation: Commitment equal a loss of 20 pounds of flab.


  • America's Fattest Cities
    Our annual national fitness report checks the condition of the country's conditioning. Find out where your town ranks as we measure the fat of the land.

  • Making the Rounds
    The age old medicine ball provides a modern in home workout to augment your fat loss efforts.

  • Target Practice
    Heart rate training offers a potent, streamlined method for getting ultimate cardio results: fat loss and improved lung power.

  • Home Sweet Home
    Indoor cardio machines grant convenience without sacrificing intensity.

Personal Trainer

  • Get Back to Where You Once Belonged
    Your holiday hiatus from exercise is over. Bag the guilt and regain your former fitness level in just two weeks.

  • Energy Boosters
    The right supplements will make sure your get up and go doesn't come to a stop.

  • Power Player
    A European based workout will buff up the one area Americans tend to neglect: strength training.


  • Web Zone
    Thirty two ways to use your bean. Plus: a couple of car guys you can trust.

  • Cholesterol Countdown
    It's never too early to start monitoring your levels of that insidious internal goo.

  • 10 Ab Killers
    These alleged 'diet' foods won't make you lose anything but your resolve.

  • Watch This!
    State of the art wristwear that tells you a lot more than the time.

  • Tales of Winter Weirdness
    A look at four winter sports that make the X-Games look like ballroom dancing

  • Are Your Looking for a Cyberdate?
    Follow the author's 12 tips on how to make your hookup online.

  • Weird Gear
    Give the finger to weight training. Plus, travel like an angel.

  • Ask Our Experts
    Can a traditionalist barber shop shave put you at risk for a transmitted disease?

  • Success Story
    His football dreams unrealized, a former high school offensive lineman drops 75 pounds by the time he graduates college.

  • Health Update
    Going beyonf cholesterol to predict heart disease. Plus: how to maintain a pain free neck; and much more.

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