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March 2001

Men's Fitness is dedicated to the man who likes to stay in shape. It contains articles on training, health, nutrition, and sports related recreation. This magazine is for the man who keeps in shape and likes to read about fitness related adventures and articles. On the cover is Rusty Joiner.

March 2001 - Table of Contents
Volume 17, Number 3

Cover Story

  • Six Packs Of Steel
    In addition to providing nutrition tips for easy fat loss, this year's extended midsection training feature replaces endless (and senseless) reps with a resistance based plan for superfast abdominals.


  • Anger
    A hot head can get you in hot water. Learn how to get a grip before it's too late.

  • The Libido Diet
    Eat your way to better, and more, sex.

  • Kind of Blue
    Denim, the quintessence of cool Americana, never goes out of style.

  • Manly Munchies
    Snacking in front of the tube doesn't have to be a diet killer. Try these dozen health noshes with their ideal TV accompaniments.

  • Toughing It Out in Trinidad
    The author takes a revelatory bike rider through the peaks, waters and trails of the beautiful island nation.

Personal Trainer

  • Ab Solution
    Adding weights to your workout may be the answer to those unresponsive abs.

  • A Six Pack of Secrets
    A half dozen nutritional weapons will finish the job on your midsection that exercise started.

  • Reinvent Your Training
    Training plateaus happen. These 10 tips will relight your fire.

  • Boost Your Antioxidant Power
    You already know that fruits and vegetables are potent free radical fighters. Now find out which ones pack the most punch.

  • Perfect Form
    The right way and the wrong way to do a lying triceps extension.


  • Web Zone
    The SnackBandit to the rescue! Plus, crazy about curling.

  • Plastic Unwrapped
    Don't seal up those leftovers before you know what dangers you may be sealing in.

  • Losing Weight The Write Way
    Keeping a daily diary of food intake can be the most overlooked, most important aspect of weight loss.

  • Hoops and Hops
    Our special basketball section will equip you with the skills and the shoes for the next time you've got next.

  • Cool Gear
    Socks with pockets (really!). Plus, get a paddled saddle for better pedaling.

  • Ask our Experts
    Is eating a bad meal as unhealthy as skipping a meal?

  • Success Story
    Brian Irvin thought the good life meant beer and barbecue. After discovering fitness, he realized he was wrong.

  • Health Update
    Heart healthy sex. Plus, put your testes to the test, and much more.

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