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May 2002

Men's Fitness is dedicated to the man who likes to stay in shape. It contains articles on training, health, nutrition, and sports related recreation. This magazine is for the man who keeps in shape and likes to read about fitness related adventures and articles. On the cover is Rusty Joiner.

May 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 18, Number 5

Cover Story

  • Get Wide, Look Narrow
    Three phases for you!


  • Strong and Limber
    Stretch bands provide a time saving workout that delivers flexibility and strength.

  • Lose Fat Without Dieting
    Twenty ways to cut calories without having to keep your pocket calculator on hand.

  • Keep Your Teeth Until You Die
    Better gum care will protect you from a host of woes, including stroke and heart disease.

  • Get Vertical
    Take Your Workouts back into the hills with our comprehensive guide to day hiking.

  • Exotic Fruit
    Get in line for the freshest crop of exotic produce to hit your local market in years.

  • 34 Ways to Lose Fat
    Readers reveal the strategies behind their fat burning successes.

Personal Trainer

  • Phase 1: Powerful Pecs
    Thicken your chest with new moves to stimulate growth.

  • Phase 2: Go Superwide
    NBA Star Allan Houston shares the secrets for beefing up the delts.

  • Phase 3: Fat's Biggest Enemy
    Fiber is a powerful weapon in your battle to melt lard.

  • How to Build an Effective Routine
    You have to fight back - and fight smart - for every new ounce of muscle. On way to do this is to create your own weight training routine.


  • Fast Lumbar Workout
    Eliminate strain and balance your physique by developing your lower back in 10 minutes - at home or in the gym.

  • Training Scents
    The nose knows: Can aromatherapy improve your workouts?

  • Run to Build Muscle
    Turn your next cardio outing into a muscle building adventure.

  • Sawing Lumber
    Does your snoring drive your bedmate insane? Find ways to tone down the madness.

  • Sex Secrets of Married Men
    How to keep a relationship hot over the long haul.

  • The Color of Health
    Adding a kaleidoscope of colored foods to your diet is the key to healthful eating.

  • Road Warriors
    These six new kicks will burn up the miles as well as the fat.

  • Ask Our Experts
    How can I bulk up my glutes? Plus: Studies show sweeteners not as harmful as commonly believed.

  • Health Update
    Can ALA, a natural antioxidant, prevent diabetes? Also, learn how to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.

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