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April 2003

Men's Fitness is dedicated to the man who likes to stay in shape. It contains articles on training, health, nutrition, and sports related recreation. This magazine is for the man who keeps in shape and likes to read about fitness related adventures and articles. On the cover is Leo Borges.

April 2003 - Table of Contents
Volume 19, Number 4

Cover Story

  • Six Million Dollar Biceps
    Our special workbook is pure money for developing the guns you want.

  • Fuel: Save Your Cells
    Lecithin boosts your training and heals the everyday damage your body sustains.

  • Body Shop: Squat Today, Grow Every Day
    No single exercise is more effective for producing total body results.


  • Burn Calories Without Breaking a Sweat
    Keep your metabolism working - even when you're not - for maximum fat loss throughout the day.

  • Jump Rope Like A Girl
    And melt fat like a mother. Learn the secrets to an effective rope skipping workout that will keep you motivated and burning calories.

  • Shoes for All Reasons
    These new cross trainers will help you do whatever you do better.

  • Sex Tech: Double Your Pleasure
    Don't hit the sheets until you've worked out your love muscles.

  • The Terrible Ten
    Our third installment of bad for you foods spotlights frozen fare you should give the cold shoulder.


  • Fast Track
    Is your house trying to kill you? Also: self tanning products you can actually use

  • Quick Fit: Suck in that Gut
    The stomach vacuum is a seldom used but effective technique for shrinking your waistline.

  • Hunger Pang Stoppers
    Control the urge to pig out with these healthy between meal snacks.

  • Get Rid Of Your Hibernation Weight
    This easy to follow six week cardio plan will shed your winter blubber.

  • Ask Our Experts
    What's the proper way to use drop sets? Plus: two experts weight in on the fastest way to bigger triceps.

  • Health Update
    Exercise shown to reduce protein linked to heart attack risk. Also: a handful of nuts a day keeps diabetes away.

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