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May 2003

Men's Fitness is dedicated to the man who likes to stay in shape. It contains articles on training, health, nutrition, and sports related recreation. This magazine is for the man who keeps in shape and likes to read about fitness related adventures and articles. On the cover is Mike Ryan.

May 2003 - Table of Contents
Volume 19, Number 5

Cover Story

  • 30 Minutes to Fat Loss
    Our dumbbells only circuit workout will increase lean mass while reducing body fat.

  • Mr. Smith's Back Workout
    The Smith machine - it's all you'll need to build a broad back.

  • Protein by the Hour
    Eating the right protein at the right tine is key to maximum muscle development.

  • Smart Training: Rest Pause for Growth
    Use the rest pause technique to squeeze out a few more growth producing reps.


  • Stand Tall
    You'll stand erect, proud and strong in six weeks with our simple strength and flexibility workout.

  • 10 Nutrition Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making
    Hidden evils could be harming your nutrition plan. Here's how to root them out.

  • How To Recover From Life's More Common Ailments
    Whether it's a tough workout or excess partying, we've got the cures.

  • 17 Spots She Wants You To Touch
    A guide to the hottest parts on her body.

  • As Good As Medicine
    The foods that will keep you young and healthy.

  • Motion Control
    Six running shoes for serious, pain free cardio.

  • Energy Boosting Foods
    These 10 meals and snacks will sustain you all day.


  • Fast Track
    How to control you anger. Plus, eat like a rock star!

  • The New Travel Rules
    Keep the skies friendly by following our how to pack guide.

  • The Worst Fat of All?
    Trans fat, the hidden ingredient in processed foods, is a very bad thing. Learn how to avoid it.

  • Prevent Workout Burnout
    Learn the signs of overtraining - and how to avoid it.

  • Quick Fit: Your Forgotten Biceps Muscle
    Train an often neglected part of the upper leg.

  • Ask Our Experts
    The pros and cons on nonfat milk. Also: Should you do incline and flat bench barbell presses in the same workout?

  • Health Update
    How to battle body odor. Plus, acne is triggered by the food you eat.

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