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Fall 2000

With Muscle & Fitness being the number one magazine in its genre, this spin-off aims to do what M&F did for men, to teach women about muscle & fitness, and why it is important. This magazine is geared for women and their unique ways of working out, nutrition, etc. On the cover is D.J. Wallis.

Fall 2000 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Number 3


  • Perfect Form: Incline Dumbbell Press
    How to do this exercise correctly to get the most from your muscles, including notes from Mary Yockey, 1999 Fitness Olympia champion..

  • Absolutely Perfect
    The ab exercises that make fitness pro Timea Majorova a serious threat at top competition.

  • Total Legs
    We've left no muscle untrained to help you sculpt every inch of your legs with this periodized workout.

  • Tri Hard
    Triceps workouts and tips from fitness experts.

  • Training Tough
    Hup, two-three-four! What to expect if you enlist in a boot camp training program.

  • Super Six
    A half dozen essential weight training exercises every woman should perform and how to do them right.

Home Free

  • Home Free
    Effective weight training does not require a lot of equipment or even a gym. Here is a total body workout you can do with just dumbbells and a bench.

  • M&F Hers At Home Dumbbell Workout
    The dumbbell exercises you need to know for a physique sculpting total body workout in a full color pullout poster.


  • Success Stories
    Rheumatoid arthritis does not get in the way of this woman's commitment to fitness; she used her battle against the disease as motivation to become healthier than ever before.

  • Real Women: Number Cruncher
    Talk about being good with figures! Fitness and business add up to a fulfilling life for accountant Melanie Webb.

Fashion & Gear

  • Fall Colors
    Ready to show off your physique in style? You will look great in the gym and out with these latest fashion looks for fall.

  • For the Competitor: Hair with Perfect Flair
    When you are competing, no detail is too small for perfection. Here is how to muscle up your 'do for fitness contests.


  • Green Goddess
    How to eat for health, nutrition and muscle on a vegetarian diet.

  • Bar Code
    The vast selection of nutrition bars can be confusing. Here we look at the sports bars targeted to meet women's needs and help find the best one for you.

  • Gone for Good
    Having trouble losing these last 10-15 pounds? Losing bodyfat and keeping it off really is possible.

  • Supermarket Strategies
    Tips on how to make your trip to the grocery store more effective and efficient.

  • Lighter & Leaner: Corn Chowder
    Soup's on! This recipe makeover keeps the fat low and flavor high.


  • Fitting in Fitness
    Become a whiz at time management with these valuable suggestions.

  • Sweat Equity
    Cycle, step or stride? We compare the effectiveness of different types of cardio equipment and provide workouts that will give you the most benefit from each.


  • Editorial
    To move or not to move, by Betty and Joe Weider.

  • Girl Talk
    Your feedback...

  • Fitness Extra
    The latest findings for women in the fields of exercise, beauty, nutrition, psychology and health.

  • Just the FAQs
    Answers to frequently asked questions on health and fitness.

  • Reader Survey
    We are interested in you and your impression of the magazine.

  • Buyer's Guide
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  • End Result
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