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April / May 2002

With Muscle & Fitness being the number one magazine in its genre, this spin-off aims to do what M&F did for men, to teach women about muscle & fitness, and why it is important. This magazine is geared for women and their unique ways of working out, nutrition, etc. On the cover is Monica Chang.

April / May 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 3, Number 2

Special Section: Better Homes & Bodies

  • There's No Place Like Home
    Want to work out at home? We've got the training program that will make your goals a reality. These beginner, intermediate and advanced routines will shape you up without requiring you to set foot in the gym.

  • Jump To It
    Jumping rope is a simple, intense and effective cardio workout. Here is how to get started and jump into the next level of fitness.

  • Working At Home
    You can turn your home into a workout wonderland with just a few smart purchases. Take a look at the products that can turn the average abode into a fitness fortress.

  • Speedy Gourmet
    A better body starts with good nutrition, and having the right foods in your kitchen makes eating right easy. We list what you should have on your shelves and also show you how to combine some of those staples into five healthy recipes.


  • Perfect Form: Hanging Knee Raise
    To target your abs, all you need is a bar to hang from and an understanding of how to do this exercises right.

  • La Belle Christine
    French Canadian fitness pro Christine Bergeron demonstrates that strong, beautiful arms make a statement in any language.

  • Turn It Up
    Could your workouts use a boost? Try a few of these 20 tips for pumping up your training intensity.

  • Bust Your Butt
    When cardio exercise meets glute training, the result is a better backside. Here's how to make the most of your workouts, both indoors and out, to improve the shape of your glutes.


  • Step by Step Weight Loss
    Small, easy changes can produce significant results. Phase these healthy nutrition habits into your life over the next eight weeks, and soon you will be seeing a better body.

  • Made For You
    Are foods targeted for women any better than the standard versions> We look past the marketing to assess whether these foods are worthwhile additions to your diet.


  • Success Stories: A Real Superwoman
    With a husband and four daughters, this succes story's life is busy, but she finds time for fitness as well as family.

  • Success Stories: Winning Results
    These inspiring women share their stories of overcoming obstacles to improve their health and fitness.

  • Real Women: Fired Up About Fitness
    Firefighter Allison Bookless heats up the stage with a sizzling fitness routine.


  • Reader Model Finalists
    Out of thousands of submissions for our cover model contest, these two women - Kathy Feldman and Monica Chang - were the lucky ones who got the call.

  • These Fit Fine Yesterday!
    Ever have those days wen your jeans just won't fit? Don't despair, it may be caused by temporary bloating, not added bodyfat, and we've got tips on how to resolve it.


  • Editorial
    Taking Control, by Betty and Joe Weider.

  • Girl Talk
    Your feedback...

  • Fitness Extra
    The latest findings for women in the fields of exercise, beauty, nutrition, psychology and health.

  • Just the FAQs
    Answers to frequently asked questions on health and fitness.

  • For Moms Only
    Muscle Memory

  • Lighter and Leaner
    Apricot Danish French Toast

  • Buyer's Guide
    Web sites from the advertisers.

  • End Result