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March 2003

With Muscle & Fitness being the number one magazine in its genre, this spin-off aims to do what M&F did for men, to teach women about muscle & fitness, and why it is important. This magazine is geared for women and their unique ways of working out, nutrition, etc. On the cover is Tara Hampton.

March 2003 - Table of Contents
Volume 4, Number 2


  • Spring Into Training
    Whip your body into major league shape with the M&F Hers All Star Team.

  • Pep Talk
    When your game is going into extra innings, use these words of strength to keep you going.

  • Perfect Form: Two Arm High Cable Curl
    Be proud to bare those biceps with this defining move.

  • Admirable Arms
    Three time Fitness Olympia champ Susie Curry shares her strategies for building the biceps that have propelled her to the top of the fitness world.

  • Physical Wealth
    Make an investment in your fitness future with these 11 creative exercise combinations.

  • Let's Groove Tonight
    Step off the treadmill and onto the dance floor with these five fun ways to burn calories.

  • Go Heavy or Go Home
    If you want to get tight, you can't train list. See why more weight equals more results.

  • Butt Busters
    Tired of the same old glute routine? This fast paced workout will transform your backside into a head turning asset.

  • Home Work: Midsection Makeover
    Train your abs and lower back for a tighter, stronger middle.


  • Air Conditioning
    How better breathing techniques can help improve your workouts.

  • So You Want To Be A Fitness Model
    Think the flash of a photographer's camera is your calling? Learn the inside scoop on being a model for a fitness magazine.

  • Stop Before You Drop
    Doubling up your workouts won't double your progress. Here's how to tell if you're overtraining.


  • Freeze Pleasers
    You don't have to give frozen foods the cold shoulder. M&F Hers takes a trip down the freezer aisle to find the best choices for you.

  • Nutrition Fiction
    Our experts debunk five common myths about eating.

  • Here's What to Eat for a Week
    Follow this seven day meal plan to increase your energy and fine tune your physique.

  • Supplement Smarts
    Baffled by bottles, powders and pills? Use this essential information to become supplement savvy.

  • Lighter & Leaner: Chicken Parmesan
    This low fat dish proves that chicken doesn't have to be dry.


  • Success Stories: Getting A Leg Up
    When it comes to setting goals, this fitness enthusiast doesn't horse around.


  • Editorial
    Healthy Responsibility, by Betty and Joe Weider.

  • Girl Talk
    Your feedback...

  • Fitness Extra
    The latest findings for women in the fields of exercise, beauty, nutrition, psychology and health.

  • Getting Started
    Stretch for Success

  • For Moms Only
    Teach Your Children Well

  • For The Competitor
    Mental Recovery

  • Buyer's Guide
    Web sites from the advertisers.

  • End Result